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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Scribbling "Superstition"


Spirit won over superstition
Replaced by loyal intuition
Negative fear left my soul
Positive energy took control
Thirteen’s, black cats can saunter by
Fallible fallacies, I’ll defy
Umbrella left open in my abode
New Shoes on the table, a myth I’ll goad
I’ll not succumb to childish dread
Or attract it to me, so it will spread
Instead I embrace the spirit within
On the thirteenth day, a lottery I’ll win!


Remiman said...

I love it, it is so right on!
good job. ;-)

Gemma said...

....throw away those superstitions!
Concentrate on positive energy.
I agree!

Tammy said...

Hi Giggles! You sure know my kind of music :) I loved your charming poem and positive spirit! You go girl! HUGS

Lucy said...

Cute giggles, Hope you DO win the lottery! :))

Vanessa said...

Ummmm, I adore the number 13!!! It is my favorite! Wellllll, with my background, superstition might be hard to give up.. Although, I do not take it to heart too much, who has the time?????Thank you for bringing me this way, to visit you and your lovely self, what fun here in your little abode!!!


Do you know I open a screen and let your music play while I open a 2nd screen and visit blog sites. I always like your choice in music. This drawing is wonderful. Oh so lavender and soothing in the eyes. I'm wondering what size these drawings of yours are? Are they from the past or do you post them as you do them? Curiosity questioning. Tee hee.

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