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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

illustration Friday "Snap"

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Who hasn't had this happen before! I'm sure it wasn't from a red and purple Fido though!!!

I think I have Dog on the brain....There is a window of about eight weeks if I want to get a puppy! Then I will have to wait until next year. It takes approximately four months to train them, I find they don't readily like to go out in the cold weather, cause for too many indoor accidents! Of course I keep talking myself out of it. So much added work I just don't need. Summer's coming and I want to do my own thing! Decisions decisions ho hum ! I really am a homebody….we shall see….. I feel myself weakening!

Today I heard that Phyllis Diller started painting at age 69 in 1986, the same year my daughter was born. Apparently she is selling it too, yet I have been unable to find anything online! Imagine this famous, comedienne, pianist, now artist is 90 years old! What a full life she's enjoyed!


Lucy said...

awww, just get a dog Sherrie! Yes therre is work, expense, mud, pee and poo but there is unconditional LOVE. We always wait till the nice weather too, when getting a pup. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the hearts on there! Dogs are sooo wonderful! Thanks for sharing this with us!

CattyCat said...

Sherrie, doggies are box trainable. They will use them just like a cat does, except for the covering part. But for those days you don't have it to take the walk, that sweet doggy can use the box. What kind of dog are you thinking of?

Go see my erasur art. Thank you for turning me on to this new thing I'm doing.

aeneadellaluna said...

Powerfull colouring! I like the dog..it's quite funny!

CattyCat said...

Oh Oh Oh. This is one of my most favorite songs ever. Did you see the movie it came from? Closer! Natalie Portman is so great in it. If you haven't seen it, do so tomorrow. LOL

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Snap!! ... Excellent!!

There seems to be puppy-fever in the air :) No advice here (other than follow your heart!)

Much peace & love, JP

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