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Monday, April 02, 2007

Nicci and the Snow Ghost!

Saturday evening Nicci had a gathering to view her HGTV segment of the show “That’s Clever”! Nicci seduced the audience with her winning personality! It was an informative fun segment, she was excellent. Even though they wouldn’t let her wear her signature colored streaks her unique style shone through! I could see her husband was very proud of his artistic wife. Nicci is gifted at marketing herself while maintaining a high ethic! Her art is just glorious ….and I really admire how humble she is! I love looking at her timeless goddesses, which I’m sure will be enjoyed for years to come! It's unclear the official air date of her segment, but stay posted to Niccis blog BRUSHEDWITHMAGIC for more updated information!

On Friday morning my friend Laura mentioned she’d been hungrier lately….since I don’t have much of a eater meter….you know, gage of hunger….Sometimes I go hours and hours without food or drink…..when I'm in the final throws of a headache I realize......hmmm.... I haven’t eaten! Most calories being consumed at the end of my day rather than the beginning! …An honest confession of a fat person’s regime!

Or I’ll have coffee, feel filled up, forget to eat…later grab some horrible quick carbs!. Lately I have been trying to be more consciences starting with bran and fruit rather than toast! You know, a better routine of healthy stuff….still my meter isn’t working like hers. I told her about Peppers ravenous consumption just before it snows, being mindful that it was an absurd thought for the first of April! Not fathoming that would contribute to my friends hankering for more fodder! Guess what, this morning it snowed huge flakes, leaving a blanket of snow in the yard….by five it was gone, the roads were dry, it was warm and I spied some magnolias in full bloom!! Go figure….must be global warming…it really was the oddest thing I have ever seen!

Today the snow ghost appeared
Blanketed my world
Leaving a chill in the air
Startling the tender blossoms
Seducing the winter back
To flower beds and lawns
Shocking the sneaker and
Sandal wearing spring fanciers
Scaring off the April showers
Replaced by flakes of fluff
Dancing alone over cars,
Trees and roadways
Awakened from the nightmare
Hovering clouds dispersed
fought by the reigning Spring Sun,
Warmth emerged
Drying the streets
In a poof,
Snow ghost
Free to bloom!


Kai said...

Nicci is such a talent isnt she? :)
I go for a while with out food, but now Im trying to change my habits..
I eat breakfast every morning.. Eat every 4-5 hours, even a light snack..and try to rev up my motabilism..
no if I can just get rid of the last pesky pounds (give or take fifty..lol..)Id be set..
:)hugs n thanks for letting me know, im not the only one..
Peace, Kai.

CattyCat said...

Nope, it isn't Global Warming. The term actually and scientifically correctly is "Global Climate Change". (That is the arena I work in - I'm not just mouthing off as a know it all - LOL). That is cool their appetite signals snow. I like your image of the snow. It is beautiful.

LisaOceandreamer said...

How fun you were able to view her segment. For the longest time I've been TiVoing the show in case she was on it. I will be anxious to see it when it finally airs.
I eat much like you do, I'm just never hungry until I'm feeling light headed. G will call from work sometimes to say "did you eat?" I just get busy doing things and then realize 'wow, I haven't eaten'...problem is I do tend to go for a carb pickmeup...I must change my eating pattern for sure!!

BrushedWithMagicdotCom said...

Hi Sherrie,

I am so glad you were able to make it over for the viewing.
That meant a lot to me to have your support.

Since Joanna's aired last week and her episode # is one after mine, I am hoping they will be airing mine soon.

We will just have to keep checking the HGTV website each Monday to see that weeks schedule.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!


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