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Friday, April 27, 2007


Just a quick question until I post! What issues are you afraid to talk about in life, with friends or family? And why?


Tammy said...

One friend and my family have trouble communicating and act all "fluffy." I'm dying to know where there fear comes from. HUGS

Great song!

Anonymous said...

If I answered that question it would take up this whole blog. I will say that I'm working on it, as each of us should.
Anyhoo, Wonderful art! :)

giggles said...

Yes Tammy it would be interesting to know where it comes from. I wonder if they feel intimidated by those who speak out?

Angela it would have been fine with me had you expressed yourself on here! Would love to hear more of what you have to say!
Hugs Sherrie

altermyworld said...

The long lasting effects of sorrow, of death, of what their blind eye has done to me, and how sad they make me and how angry they have made me feel, and how i hate that i feel this way and i hate that i continually pretend i am ok, but the fact is i hate them sometimes and i hate being with them and wish i didn't feel this way and if i really said what i was feeling of what i was afraid of saying i would not have anyone, which doesn't feel much different then now

giggles said...

Dear Ang

Grief is so devastating, manifesting in so many different ways. Personally I was never prepared for each bout with sorrow. Each time it affected me differently, but it always sucker punched me, some stints taking longer to settle down than others. Sadly the loss is always in your heart. I hope you find someone who truly understands sorrow, so you can purge some of the anguish that accompanies holding it all in! So sorry for your pain! I've emailed you, hope you get it!

Hugs to you!

Kai said...

Aloha.. :) I think Im afraid to talk to my mum about MAtthew. not because of the issue, but because of what it might do to her health..(she had a stroke and is weak from it)
PEace, Kai

CattyCat said...

I am not afraid to talk about, but am extremely hesitant.... what? Well, it would be my body and my disability and health issues. Oh so many people will not openly talk with me about my reality, and they abandon my friendship when they find out how it limits me and what my life is truly like. I find it extremely isolating to have health issues/disabilities. People don't seem to want to be supportive of people who are isolated by their health. And I am. No one ever, and yes I me no one ever walks through my front door to visit me, or calls me on the phone. Well probably TMI, but the question triggered an answer.

paris parfait said...


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