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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Scibblings " Wings"

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Sunday Scribblings prompt "Wings"

If I had wings
I would propel myself
From afflicting conversations
Debates unsolved
From malicious ugly
Mean judgment

If I had wings
I’d fly with severance
From angry people
Racism, yelling,
Contempt, cunning
Negativity and damnation

If I had wings
I’d fly into paradise
A warless peace
Where compassion
Comfort, respect
And Dedication reside

Oh yeah,
I am there
Let me park my wings
For those less fortunate
Wishing to Borrow them
To find their heaven, and themselves

This life style may mean abruptly ending a bad conversation escalating into anger, or avoiding an offensive news cast, it may mean bowing out of an invitation, or setting a boundary, it may mean requesting respect by asking not to be spoken to in a certain way. It could also mean agreeing to disagree, not answering judgmental statements, unplugging phones, evading certain subjects. I am very open to hearing constructive criticism but I will no longer allow myself to be attacked! Hence the peace in my world!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

If I had wings I’d fly into paradise ... I think setting boundaries and not allowing yourself to be attacked is a very healthy way to live. Peace my dear friend, JP

Brian said...

It is tempting to rise over and fly away from conflict. Like the poem. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you found your wings. I am trying to find a way to us mine. I know that I can though with a lil help from my friends. You included. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

vicci said...

It would be so cool if we all had wings...flying around to greet and visit each other...just like birds....

Kai said...

If I had wings, I'd be flying out to visit you..lol..
:)PEACE!!! Kai xxooxx

Pam Aries said...

Wow..ya know...I read your poem and ...I have to tell you that I sometimes visualize myself flying way high in the sky when people are being ugly! It is a little trick of mine.. In my head I am thinking..."I am so far above you and your pettiness'! It works for me! uhhh... I don't know if you ever wanna get inside MY head! ha! Missed ya!

tinker said...

Great post, Sherrie~ I have totell you, I'm giggling at Kai's comment - it's probably a good thing we don't have wings, or you'd have a houseful of us - and good luck getting any peace and quiet then!

giggles said...

I'd be fine with a house full as long as everyone pitched in...I'd be fine!!In fact it would be a hoot! Maybe one day it will happen...I have the peace and the place!

Hugs To All!

Lucy said...

great poem Sherrie, I feel the same way.
I want to send you Congrats!! YOU won my funny hair story contest! HOORRAAYYYY
(email me your address and prizes are on the way!) xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

I wished I had wings so many times during bad adult sibling behavior...so I could fly above their heads and do what birds do sometimes. LOL!
But seriously.......your poem resonated.
I'd wish for wings to make a global tour so I could stop and hug people like you dear Sherrie! Oh wouldn't it be a delight to have a giant slumber party!!
The face on the drawing came out AMAZING btw!

Tammy said...

I'm so with you on this girlfriend! I'm working on boundries. Bravo!!!!!!

CattyCat said...

Oh yes, please include in the list "not watching TV". LOL I haven't for over 15 years now and I do not miss it, and all it does to the mind, at all.

I love this post, I love your mind, and I love the self portrait. That is so cool!

Gemma said...

Giggles....you have set good boundaries for yourself....yes it'd be so good to fly away from some of those awful situations.
More Peace to you!!!!

paris parfait said...

I love your poem and so admire your wings! xo

Remiman said...

Good for you girl!

MiKa Art said...

Beautiful poem! I love last 6 lines. You are nice!

Lisa said...

I love this. I need some wings.

Amber said...

Very wise!


Sandy said...

So cool...great blog you have here..sandy

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