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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poetry Thursday "Resumed"

A few ducks that float around in the pond behind our place.

Poetry Thursday is a free week but after reading the very profound article about family rejection posted by Amy on P.T. I was inspired to write about rejection too! Somehow my thoughts diverted to self censoring, and then took an about turn as a totally different topic presented itself. Writing this poem was very cathartic as I scanned over the memories realizing spirit was walking along side me the whole way! I am always amazed at how the creative process transpires!


She was ten; a quagmire of words
Screamed in her tender ears
Repeated rants
Meant for her mother
Terrified, upon return
She voiced her concerns
Her fears, her distress
For a moment
Her qualms were dissuaded
Unrelenting, she refused
To feel that wrath again
She struggled not to revisit
Or converse on the phone
Repeated rings spanning short intervals
Over and over, day in and day out
A veil of terror blanketed the house
Restraining orders breeched
Police attending somber faces
Vanished into the night
Any trace of provocation
Invoked by the intimidating sound
Of an idling diesel truck
Following day
On the way to the lawyer
The pensive child,
An avid hockey fan
Rides along in silence
Radio station announces
Hockey Tickets to the game
Forlorn she dials the cell phone
Negative feelings of doom befall
Her mother champions her call
Asking her to believe she will win
The child tries unsuccessfully to believe
Life has not been promising lately
Mother repeats “you must believe”!
The youngster tries again with new verve
Still nothing, it’s not to be
Mother assures they will try again
Together they consult the lawyer
Searching for resolve from torment
After the meeting, the lawyer disappears
Asking them to wait
Soon he returns holding two tickets
Hands them to the mother and her child
Two high end Hockey tickets
With parking passes
Totally unprepared,
They squealed with glee
That is the day,
When a little ten year old
Started to believe!


Tammy said...

A courageous 10year old finding a reason to believe was very uplifting. Too many children lose that hope. Wonderful poem! XXOO

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the way it ended. Filled with hope.

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