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Monday, April 16, 2007

Twenty Year Photo Challenge!

A few days back Vicci posted a challenge to “Go find one of your favorite photos...from lets say...at least 20 years ago....and POST IT.....tell us a story about it..and why you like it so much..” Anyone reading my blog please join in!!! Here are mine!

The day of my friends wedding in 1981, I’m twenty five. About ten months before this picture was taken I left my husband for six weeks. The friend I stood up for begged me not to return to him! Another friend advised me to alleviate all doubts by returning. Reminding me I could always depart if I we were unable reconcile our differences. I went back, four years later I had a child, and ten years after that I left permanently….Should I have returned in 1981?

At twenty four years old, I had lost some weight and I was more confident than ever before. I was full of piss and vinegar, drove a corvette, and lived every waking moment to the fullest! Even though I was married, men loved me because I knew how to play hard. I would ballroom dance, golf, play baseball, pool, darts, bowl, bridge, crib, gamble, I could drink one for one and party till dawn! Those were the days my friend! That’s me with my dog Benji in my arms!

I remember that night. My parents stayed at my house for a weekend of bridge! Mom had a few too many and started picking at me. When she fell asleep, I had an intimate talk with dad. He explained how he witnessed mom suffer through the same treatment at the hands of her mom and aunt. He found it disturbing when my mom and her sister would gang up on me….with history repeating dad would always take my side. He had a great sense of justice!
Did I go on to repeat the behavior?
This is the only picture I have of all four of us together, its 1980! Mom is fifty six and dad is sixty one! Pretty sad! So I urge you, for the sake of your children have family pictures taken. I’m twenty four, my brother is Nineteen there! Five years before dad passed away! Check out my lily white skin.....I look like a ghost...Pepper has the same skin....
That’s me at two, I remember being out in the yard a lot while my parents gardened their rockery! Dad built that house by himself, with very little help and only an instruction manual. Not bad for a man with low self esteem and minimal education! I had pneumonia about four or five times when I was small, from three years on. Mom put a pillow between adirondack chairs that dad built, so I could be outside in the summer. I wasn’t to run around. Once recovered I remember often stubbing my toes while wearing thongs….yeah the old kind you put on your feet, not the bum floss!

That’s my first day of school. My mom dropped me with a friend because she had to work. That was an awful scary day that I still remember. I was a sad little girl, my mom worked full time, plus she was a busy home maker too! So there wasn't much spare time for me. I can’t say I liked being a child, I always felt melancholy and lonely. Those knee socks were my pet peeve, with no elastic in them. I remember having socks like that for years. Maybe that’s why I hate socks….hmmmm….my daughter has a gazillion of them!!! She always gives them out as gifts too! If she never bought another pair of socks again she’d have enough to last the rest of her life! She must be a sockaholic!
This is me with my first set of dogs, they were a litter apart. Peppers dad brought the first home from a neighbor. I said no dogs, but who could resist a dog name Angel with a little white face. A year later Angels mother had another litter, with my couch having a chewed hole in it, I said emphatically“ NO WAY”, but look at his face….I succumbed to the pressure of his cuteness! Those dogs were the greatest of friends and had the best disposition. They’d run down our fifty foot driveway then halt at the end just before the road. They were great pals and kept each other company when we worked. Those munchkins devoured a few chocolate bars while we we were out leaving behind a mess. So I started leaving the music on when we left! It’s true, music does soothe the savage beast! Benji lived to eighteen!

The last picture is a favorite picture of my youth. I was twenty two; I loved my stacked big hair and le Chateau burgundy suit. There was a beautiful light lilac parrot broach pinned to it. It was lost over the years, but it was fabulous. That was taken at my sister in laws wedding, she too is now divorced from the other brother. I remember the parents at that wedding wishing their daughter had married my husband instead of who she was marrying. Ha ….little did she know the rebel attitude was hereditary! It’s fitting that I am holding my glass up in a toast….so I say to my youth, faded but not forgotten! Schast'ya i zdorov'ya!
I am thinking I have a few more I want to hunt for, these were left over from my fiftieth birthday collage! Thanks Vicci for the stroll down memory lane!


CattyCat said...

Beauty then, beauty now. We don't loose it. Isn't it fun to find these and then post them knowing the blog world will see them and know you better. You went through lots of hair-do's too. Guess what, my father made chairs very similar to those. I'll see if I can find a pic of them and send it so you know I'm not pulling your leg. LOL

CattyCat said...

P.S. I'm glad you returned to him in 81, or you wouldn't have had your child 4 years later. Right.

Lucy said...

wow Sherrie these are so great!! You are still just as beautiful as 22! That hair style ei yi yi!!
I guess we will say that about todays styles 20 years from now when we are sporting the new baldy look! To answer your first quest. YES of course you should have went back to him, or your life would have had salt and vinegar but no Pepper. :) (everything happens for a reason)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

You were beautiful then and even more beautiful now ... xx, JP

Lisa said...

Love these pics. You were such an 80s fashion plate! I had that same stacked hair. In fact, we could be sisters. :)

I scanned some pics yesterday morning but am feeling like I'll hold off on posting them a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and great stories to go with them. Thanks for sharing them all with us!

Gemma said...

Sherrie...these are wonderful. You are beautiful (inside and out)
Yes...you made the right move going back to him in '81....because of Pepper. I know she is worth everything you went through to get her!

Janet said...

Great photos! I love all the hairstyles. You're so right about taking family photos....I have very few, if any, of me with my kids when they were young because I was the one always taking the photo!

vicci said...

Oh Love these to pieces!!!! You are a doll! and I believe you are one now! Thanks for taking the challenge...well worth the wait!

Vanessa v said...

OH! I just love this post!!!!! I love love love it!!!!! I adore pictures and stories, even if they can hold not always great memories, I try to remember the wonderfulness.....And always enjoy...Love the music by the way...xxo,V

VanessaV said...

I don't knwo what I did with my comment? But, I had said

I love love love this post! I adore pictures, even thought the memories can hold some pain and different feelings.. I always try to remember the best!!!
Ps: Love the music! xxo,V

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