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Thursday, May 17, 2007

All the way from New York...!!!

Look what arrived from New York today!….YEAH!!!!….I have been waiting for this parcel ever since my Funny sweet friend Lucy said she sent it! I won a prize for the funniest hair story at Lulus Petals, during her one year contest. It’s a true story about my brother, you can read it here!

I usually avoid blog contests but I wanted to share my story with Lucy and celebrate her first year blogging. Thank you soooooo much Lucy, this is very exciting for me. I absolutely love quality hair products; it’s one of my very favorite things! So imagine my excitement to get four different items to try, all things I’ve never used before. And they came all the way from New York!!!! Woo hoo...dancing around the room.....okay thumping around the room!! I forgot to give Lucy my last name so she addressed it Sherrie Giggles, and it came right into my mail box, basically right to my door. I thought for sure I would have to pick it up at the post office. This tops the list of best things I ever got in the mail!!!

Lucy, I am so overwhelmed by the generosity, I am well aware of how expensive good product is, thank you so much, I am blown away! Not to mention the expense of shipping them….wow I feel so amazingly blessed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I promise you these items are so appreciated and will be well used! I can’t wait until tomorrow to wash my hair again!! Pepper has been sniffing around too…..I think she plans to try the shampoo! Hugs and kisses to you my dear friend!

You must have had a premonition!!! I can’t believe it came today after I sent you that email last night! I was kind of hoping when I opened the box you’d pop out and we could have a visit, glass of wine, appetizers!!! Maybe one day!!! My friend’s daughter is coming from Jersey on Friday June first, maybe you could stow away in her suit case!!........( Shrugs shoulders) Well I tried!!!


Lucy said...

Giggles! Hearing your excitement just MADE my day! You Are SUPER welcome! I am so happy they arrived and I am SO happy you had the best story! I Would have LOVED to jump out of that little shoe box and given you a BIG Hug! Hopefully, We will get the chance to meet one day. xox Enjoy your treats.
( I Loved your letter now I owe you TWO responses! Im sorry that I don't get much computer time, but know I really love communicating and will try to write soon xo)

vicci said...

Good mail days are the best! I bet you will have fun this weekend with your new "stuff".....have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on winning! Bet that was exciting to get something from NEW YORK! Even if it was hair stuff. Would of made me excited!

Kai said...

wow..fabbie stuff from new york.. I agree with you about GOOD quality products for hair.. I try and get the best stuff I can afford. Sometimes It's salon, sometimes it's suave as my budget allows.. lol
PEace n hugs, Kai xxooxx

giggles said...

Angela I am an absolute freak about good hair product. When my brother or daughter ask what I want for a special occasion....I always say salon hair products....my mom was a hairdresser and I grew up with it. It's really important to me, but I can't always afford it! So I am super grateful….more than some might be!

Hugs from the girl with the happy hair!!!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fun treat!! I love great hair products too :) xx, JP

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