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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poetry Thursday " Mental Pause Mama"

Poetry Thursday was a challenge to add humor to our poetry!
Unfortunately all this will muster is maybe a smirk. The kids told me not to post it because it’s not funny….but here it is anyway!
Mental Pause Mama
She’s a Mental Pause Mama
Forgot her keys today
She thought she plucked her chin hairs
But more came out to play

She should have worn her glasses
To see the ones she missed
Of course she’d misplaced them
They vanished with her list

Mental pause Mama
Wondering if she’s sane
Today she felt grumpy
Yelled at the dog again

Poor thing didn’t move an inch
Laid quiet an took the blame
He didn’t bother to react
She’d forgot his name

Mental pause Mama
Is trying to find her muse
It did not arrive today
So she called upon the booze

Stifled thoughts many years
Being everything to all
Now in the dusk of life
She hears her muses call

They say “you go girl”
Grab your bliss and run
Favors canceled, kitchens closed,
Time to have some fun

Mental pause mama
Found herself today
She bought a bumper sticker


Clare said...

I think this is great! And funny too -- don't listen to your kids!

gautami tripathy said...

I found it very interesting. I liked the repetition.

GreenishLady said...

Of course your kids didn't "get it". Just you wait. They will. Eventually. I think it's great, and absolutely captures a certain time of life. This too passes, but while it's happening, we might as well have a laugh about it!

And... I love your blog-music!

bookbinds said...

This had me laughing out loud!

Lucy said...

hahaha LOVE this poem, Could be my mantra!
The other day a doc. told me, Forgeting where you put your keys is one thing.... Finding them and FOrgetting what to do with them is altogether different! hahaha I guess WE are still okay sweetie!xox

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

This is great!! I love your humour :) xx, deb

Marie said...

You make me laugh! And I adore your artwork...it's colorful and fun.

Thanks for visiting me today. I wasn't sure anyone would really get my humor, so it was nice someone noticed. Besides, it led me to your work, and that's appreciated!

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