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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tag of Seven

Click picture to enlarge!
Oh and I love Cheese! I made this digital drawing a while ago using a play on words.

Angela tagged me to share seven things about myself. They can be anything from a favorite quote or book to opinions about life or ourselves! After I post these I'll probably think of some good ones!!

Just a few favorite Quotes I repeat too often. “You learn what you live” and “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” You teach people how to treat you! When all else fails, “Let go and let god” Although I say them to others they are mainly meant for me!

I love Indy music and movies, as well as good documentaries. Last night I watched a sad documentary called
Bangkok Girl about the the sex tourism business in Thailand told through the story of a young Bangkok bargirl and an innocent Canadian filmmaker.

My place has often been a respite for women and children over the last thirty years. For short intervals I have supplied a kind ear, a shot of self esteem, helped with homework and served comfort food.

On a lighter note I’m an excellent shopper, but I don’t buy generic! I can tell you where to get the best prices on many items. However I do like nice things too!

I’m a homebody, yet I can be wildly spontaneous on a whim! I was never really known to be a routine person unless I had to! Years ago I'd clean house in the middle of the night...haven't done that for about sixteen years now!

I can be known to wear a night shirt around the house all day!Even after I bathe I will put a clean night shirt on, mainly because they are comfy! Every night before bed I put cream on my feet douse myself with perfume!

I always knew I was creative but it wasn’t until three years ago that I tried any kind of actual art with acrylics or digital drawings. After the painful demise of a very important relationship. During the two year grieving process I took pencil and paint to paper and haven't stopped since.

Now I am tagging, Lucy, Janet, Mary Ellen, Vicci, Kai, Gemma, Lisa Ocean Dreamer!


Gemma said...

Hi..."Let Go...Let God" is also a favorite of mine!!!!
...hanging out at home.... wearing nightshirts all day YEP! Me too on some days!
I posted the tag on my blog!!!:-)

vicci said...

I like your seven things Sherrie....I'll get to mine today...I've declared it "take it easy" day...after working my butt off for the last two! LOL!
I wear a night-shirt around all day also.....it's so funny how much us women have in common....:-)

Tammy said...

Cheesebarb colored tights. LOL I do the nightshirt, cream and perfume routine too. I'm glad you did this and your chair looks very comfy. xxoo

Lucy said...

the more i know ya the more i love ya!
thanks for tagging me buddy, I'm in a bit of a lull but I will give it my best attempt! I still owe you a very very(verrrryyy) long letter too!) Between work and spring cleaning I think My blogging may suffer a teeny bit.

CattyCat said...

I like that you put your wings picture as your sig pic. Oh and I'll get to the tag when I can type more. Pencil eraser typing is a REAL BOTHER. The bursa has flared my carpal tunnel. I'm basically a limited mess. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Wonderful quotes! I tend to say things to remind myself of them as well. LOLOL I often wear a night shirt around the house as well. I figure, why not be comfortable in your own place? Thanks for participating!
Your such an inspiration girl! :)

tinker said...

Wow, Sherrie - you have amazing talent, I can't believe you've only been painting 3 years, your work is wonderful! Go you!

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