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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poetry Thursday "Combustible"

I used the word " Combustible" from the randomizer on Poetry Thursday! I mourn for the pretty little girl that thought she was getting more than she did!

Combustible Contemplation

My brain is rattled with reflection
Haunting parts of my past revisited,
Unaffected, I should be unaffected
Move on, none of my business
They think it's happy news
My heart is sad, my head is worried
We share different perspectives
A young beautiful girl, so much potential
Exploited by men, enmeshed in a home
Filled with mental illness,
Anger and subjugation
Handed my cast off life on a platter
Served with hope and promises
Soon bolted from the aggravation
Smack into exploitation and subjugation,
Again lured by empty promises and hope
No pattern of redemption for
A damaged child


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the intertwining hearts in your picture! Lovely design. I enjoyed your poem too.

Tammy said...

Giggles, you were given a great word to express these powerful reflections. You artwork adds so much and yet can stand alone. Well done!

Anonymous said...

That sounds farmilar. Ohhh the past can haunt us. I love your poem and your art work. GREAT POST!

Kai said...

you've captured the essence perfectly Sherrie. Love the poem..
PEace, Kai

vanessa V said...

You always have so much fun stuff going on here! Music or slides, but always brightness!!! Love it. And, Have I told you lately that I totally dig your art creations??? So colorful and wonderful!! xxo,V

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

"Combustible Contemplation" ... how interesting to put these two words together ... but it is true, sometimes contemplation, memory, or thoughts are so painful that they combust. Much peace & love to you Sherrie ... Deb

Gemma said...

You have a gift with words Sherrie
and love your art too!

Lucy said...

wo this was pretty intense Sher, great use of this english language we have! just to let you know I did your tag! ( but the letter is still in my head) xo

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