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Monday, June 04, 2007

Illustration Friday " Paradise

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in my case Pair of Dice
Paradise or Pair of Dice
Paradise can be a simple touch in an unexpected moment
A succulent cup of coffee to morning parched lips
A creative thought that taps your soul lightly waiting for you to embellish
It can be a cool bath on a humid unbearable day
Or your favorite cream filled chocolate during a midnight craving

Paradise can be anything you choose, a favorite song that jolts a darling memory
A walk in the wind that blows you around so hard it makes you giggle
Watching children as they play, sweet innocence still harboring their dreams
A random call from a friend that you’d just been thinking about
Sitting down to a meal with the whole family, knowing everyone is safe

Paradise for me is a great game of challenging scrabble, and fresh brewed coffee
A belly laugh that I instigate or one that I don’t, along with more banter
Fresh strawberries dipped in purdys chocolate and sweet red watermelon on a hot day
A bubble bath with great perfumes, candle light, and clean sheets
Meandering through inspirational stores, stopping for lunch and a gelato

Paradise is your choice, you construct what brings you joy, fills your soul
Everyone has their very own unique spirit to fulfill, to embrace and enhance
We all have that personal gift to share with the world, whether it’s wisdom
Compassion, communication, organization, creativity, comfort, humor, or generosity
Sometimes it can be a simple as a pair of dice that bring complete and utter contentment!


Pam Aries said...

Hey Girlie! ..First, let me apologize for being a slacker! I hope you are doing well! ...i love your art show on the sidebar! Neat!your poem is great !

vicci said...

Great post Sherrie....The guy looks like Prince....and Yes Paradise is many different things to people....I live in it...myself! :-)

Janet said...

Clever play on the word for your artwork....they're a cute pair!

Kai said...

I took about half hour looking at the pictures you'd posted and reading all your bits and pieces..I sat and thought about whether Im a city folk or country polk.. I think Im a burbanite. I like small town life, but close enough to a big city to enjoy the culture and excitment..
I need my solace though, so the ocean supplies that :)
Peace, Kai xxooxx

Anonymous said...

Great post! Wonderful work!

Lucy said...

Compassion, communication, organization, creativity, comfort, humor, or generosity"

Those are ALL some of YOUR qualities buddy! thanks for generously sharing your creativity, humor,compassion and communication with me. :)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful thoughts of paradise. I also love the line, "we all have that personal gift to share with the world ..." Some of your gifts dear Sherrie are art, wisdom, and a loving spirit. Much peace and love to you sweet Sherrie. xx, JP

paris parfait said...

I like your idea that paradise can be anything that we choose; in fact we create our own. Lovely poem and very clever art! xo

studio lolo said...

What a wonderful post! You're always inspiring and great fun to visit. Another nice piece of music too :)

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