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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Scribblings "City or Country"

Picture August 2006
Sunday Scribbling prompt is city or country? City for me all the way, lights action, surrounded by ocean and mountains. Lots to see, do, discover. Even though I spent time living in the country, amenities were too spread out, felt like I was always driving. Everything is a trade off though; at times there was a deep sense of solace amongst all the work. Buying a big house that I had to work so hard to maintain seemed to be compensation for something else lacking in my life. At the time it was a great investment, the next place closer to the city was more enjoyable, but only a quick fix for a problem soon to resurface. Chasing bigger and better, thinking life will somehow rectify itself in a new house, or a new job, more money, more toys, in actuality it's just a false sense of security. In fact its more akin to what the grand Wizard of Oz told Dorothy, that what she was seeking was actually there all along!

Less is my More
Colossal country abode, deer and rabbits frolicked about
Queen of my castle, spiral oak staircase mocked success;
Cleaning and cleaning, forty four hundred square feet of cleaning
Floors to be mopped, windows galore, double staircases to vacuum
Budgeting, cutting, curbing, cooking, painting, working and driving
Slaving to pay taxes for a yard never used but to cut grass
Too much, too soon, too grand, too expensive in time, and effort, too bad

Move to a suburb, rancher half the size,exquisite fenced yard, hot tub, gazebo,
Dream kitchen, walk in pantry, neighborhood full of children
French doors, corian counters, mud room, sunken tub,
Parks, pools, stores, libraries, schools, safe walk everywhere,
Small jaunt to the city, ocean, lakes, and country less than thirty minutes away
Seemed perfect, flawless lawns, flawless homes, flawless people, instead
Flawed health, flawed focus, flawed love, flawed life, fooled for a moment

Disillusioned by the dream home, dream neighborhood, dream life, dream man
Then death, divorce, days of drudgery, demise, devastation, soon a rebirth
New home, comfortable, clean, contained, cozy, calm and pretty
New start, new life, new dreams, new ideas, new discoveries, new completeness
New friendships, new passions, new wisdom, new compassion, new capabilities
Born City girl having tried country, and city, finds solace, makes a home
Full of color, whimsy, art, music, lavish in love and peace somewhere in-between


gautami tripathy said...

I agree about the space part. So much less space in a city. No wide, open areas.

I liked thatphoto.

Tammy said...

Such wisdom gained in your journey. I'm happy you found peace and comfort. Enjoyed your prose :)

Lucy said...

"Born City girl having tried country, and city, finds solace, makes a home
Full of color, whimsy, art, music, lavish in love and peace somewhere in-between"
So happy you've found love and peace.
Your entry way is so inviting and lovely.
Wish I could walk right up those steps for a warm cup of tea and a warm giggley hug. xox

Molly said...

I love those flowers you have in front of your door!

Crafty Green Poet said...

the lack of amenities and the need to drive everywhere are exactly the reasons i couldn't live in the countryside!

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