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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Celebrating!

Someone put a birthday bow on top of my regular pink bow! Yes and at one Christmas party I won battery operated blinking lights that I wore the whole night! I think I was choosen purposely to be the eccentric bell of the ball! Celebrating our 35th birthday one week apart in 1991. Always laughing that was me! Today celebrating our 51st birthday sixteen years later and a week past the date! With less makeup to be sure!

You are remembered for the rules you break! Quote Douglas Macarthur.

Todays random quote seemed fitting to describe my on going relationship with life long friend Carolyn.

We have broken many rules over the years. Ritually our escapades are revisited as we dually celebrate our Gemini birthdays one week apart. We're the same age, but the last fifteen years our lives have taken completely different directions. When we manage to clear the slate it’s as though time has waited for our semblance. The feeling of love comes to a roaring boil as we muse over our years of indivisibility, the days before computers, when we’d stay on the phone or in a restaurant until the sun appeared in the wee hours. It wasn’t uncommon for us to naively wear the exact same color clothing, or shoes on the same evening, then giggle in utter disbelief at our twin like choices. It was the best of times and the worst of times to be cliché. Both divorced, she remarried to the best guy in the world. I often talk about him as he’s rescued my car and me more times than not!

In our youth we both shared a love, of dark rum, the color fuchsia, words games, Dr. Mario, world issues, loads of giggles, cards, the beach, and animals. When I was young I lived a very comfortable lifestyle, while she struggled; now she is the one better off! Funny how the pendulum swings! Carolyn is so deserving of grand life style, she’s earned it, my wishes for her finally came true! For years her life was extremely hard and thankless, now she has a daughter that’s just graduated university, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The days of staying up drinking Spanish coffees, wearing flashing Christmas lights, and throwing piles of rolls of toilet paper out into the dance floor are long gone. Those wild nights dancing and drinking, singing karaoke are all part of our crazy past. Many times our exes were around, many times they weren’t. In retrospect I think we may have been acting out during those intolerable marriages we sustained for way too long. I know I haven’t had a desire to do anything as loony since my divorce eleven years ago!

Today we chatted about kids, tolerance, mainly that ours has waned over the years. We caught up on the yearly goings on, our families and future plans. What a joyful visit it was, and a happy birthday to us! We’re having dinner next week too!


Anonymous said...

Ohh your sooo lucky to have such a wonderful friendship. I have to admit that I am a bit envious. You all look sooo happy. Wish I were there celebrating with you both. Thanks for sharing this with us!

altermyworld said...

A beautiufl tribute to a beautiuful friendship. thank you for sharing

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