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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beyond the Moon

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Bryan watching Ethan naps in Peppers arms.

The excruciating headache and nausea I endured Thursday night before bed was a tell tale sign of my difficulty with how I may react to Fridays service for Jayna. Thankfully most of it dissipated during sleep. Not long after we arrived at the MemoriaI we were handed a pretty flyer with my poem on it. What an honor that it was used as part of a very emotional service. There was not a dry eye in the rose garden at Queens Park, where many stood during the outdoor service. If I passed away tomorrow there wouldn't be the large adulation that this precious angel had in her nine and a half months on this earth. A spectacular turn out to support this very special couple as they put their angel to rest on what would have been her 10th month birthday.

Pepper found a little gold heart locket and had it engraved with “love remembers” then presented to Selina. It was a poignant moment. Selina babysat Pepper when she was just Jayna’s age. For years since we’ve been card playing buddies. Here we are twenty-one years later witnessing her unjustified tragedy.

The most emotional moment was watching the distraught mom as she entered the service with husband Andrew trailing behind pushing their lone child in a double stroller. Even Bryan admitted that empty stroller was one of the toughest moments. There were however a few bright spots in the day, observing how happy Ethan was before his seizure medication was administered, which caused him to doze. Meeting Selinas new nephew born on my birthday. Knowing how many friends they have to carry them through this difficult time. My prayers are with this lovely family who have lost so much.


Anonymous said...

What a hard thing to go through. Why do things like this happen? Everyone is in my prayers. :) I hope that all is ok.

Lucy said...

sherrie, I have been thinking of you and your friends. I am so glad that your beautiful poem was given out. You wanted to do something,anything to help and you see... You Did! Thank god they have such wonderful friends to give them love and support. hang in there buddy xoxo

altermyworld said...

Sherrie as a bereaved mum your poem will bring such comfort, you have no idea what it will come to mean in the coming days.
Take care of yourself. love those around you and know that you make a difference.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

How incredibly sad ... the death of a child is so hard to understand. I'm glad that her parents were surrounded by so much love and support. xx, deb

Anonymous said...

Sherrie, Such a terrible blow to parents to lose a child. I feel for them. Love Hugs and Blessings to you and her family. Your poem was so touching.

vicci said...

This is so sad....what brave people....angels are with us all the time...

Kai said...

Aloha Sherrie, It's been a few days since visiting. I am happy to see the joy in your eyes over birthday times.

sitting reading this post, again saddess, but with it comes healing as grief is allowed it's place. Just know that today, I'm holding your hand in mine, and in my heart..
you're loved,
Peace, Kai xx

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