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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunday Scribblings" Eccentric Goddess"

Sunday Scribblings "Eccentric"
Eccentric Goddess
I’ve never walked the normal path
Not even as a child
Walked myself to church at eight
To see what they’d compiled

Twelve I wandered right next door
Played an old Scottish woman crib
Labeled as a sassy child
Known to be quite glib

At thirteen I started wearing hats
Of every eccentric measure
When I was all of thirty-two
My mother voiced her displeasure

My laugh was loud, my makeup too
Wearing colors bright and sassy
I’d wear vibrant bows upon my crown
Distinct earrings, rather brassy

Bold and brazen with so much pride
People knew me everywhere
Lady with the silver corvette
And the massive curly hair

Ten years later I retired my vette
Bought a Jeep to take its place
Pink fuzzy covers for the seats
I’d conformed to a mother pace

The seventies I painted lively shades
Before it was the fashion
In the eighties I styled my house again
To exude my color passion

The nineties my house was done in pink
Accented with black and green
Now I have many hues of purple
With vivid colors in between

I must have color everywhere
Never seem to have enough
I don’t wear beige or have it present
I enjoy exuberant stuff

I like things to match implicitly
Or my eye feels revulsion
I often feel like the odd one out
With my scrabble compulsion

I had my nose pierced at forty
To commemorate the day
No one thought I’d follow through
But I’m always full of play

I like the mystical inflections
And the energy from beyond
That unique flavor that I enjoy
Is where my happiness is spawned

Some may call me eccentric,
Bohemian, hippy chick
I see myself as a goddess
Some may think that I’m a drip

I’ve never worried what others say
I parented like I think ought
I listened, disciplined and guided
All with lots of thought

Unconventional in my habits
Served popsicles in the bath
Ice cream in the hot tub
Played card to help with math

Let her dye her hair real young
while many parents balked
Didn’t sweat the small things
Didn’t care if I was mocked

I march to a different accordion
I’m a rare one, but that’s just fine
I know who and what I love
And I’m happy with gods design!


Tammy said...

You are a beautiful rainbow with a heart of gold. Delightful journey of the goddess within. :)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I *LOVE* this poem!! Celebrating all the unique things that make you the wonderful, goddess woman you truly are ... BRAVO! xx, JP

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