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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Open Mike Night!

Last Thursday Ninnie presented me with the reflections blog award for my poetry and bright art! Thank you so much Ninnie, it’s a wonderful honor to be acknowledged by other bloggers especially by such a bright light as yourself!

Bryan at his first open mike night, doing original songs

Open Mike

Monday open mike night
Monsoon rains barrage
Anxious exhilaration
Neil Young calms the ride
Wafts of cigarette smoke
Covertly ambles in
Through open door
A time warp inclusion
Of beatnik days missed
His fingers kiss the strings
In a slow launch
A deep voice caresses
Random audience
A lone man disheveled
Another straight from work
A beauty sips burgundy
Sleek ringed fingers
Take their grip
Pensive in their scrutiny
Enslaved by charm
Words penned
with precision
Journaling many trials
Pride of admiration
Squeezes my core
For the gentle spirit
Embedded in my soul!

I couldn’t have been more proud if he were my own child. Tightening back tears of pride as he sang original songs penned from our life’s events! First open mike night, albeit nervous, he was well received! They asked him to return! This is the beginning of good things to come!


Kai said...

does he youtube? lol..
Id love to hear..
Peace, Kai xx

Lisa said...

Congrats to you and to him. Your poem is beautiful and made me a bit misty-eyed. I'm glad they've asked him to return!

CattyCat said...

Congratulations on this notariety. You truly do deserve it. There are few blogs I enjoy visiting as much as yours. You deserve this.

On another note, with regards to your comment on my blog, I do hope you join in my 360 degree photo challenge. It is a wonderful experience. It makes one see more and realize how much more there is to see if we just slow down and really look at this wonderful world we live in.

Leave me a comment when/if you post your photos so I know to come get the link and put it in the sidebar collection on my blog.


Lucy said...

WTG BRYAN!! What are you serving in your home Sher, that grows talented poets? Would love to hear his music!
(couldn't help noticing the kirkland water! hhahaha I didn't even know you had Costco!)

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