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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunday Scribblings Wicked, Illustration Friday Poem

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Illustration Friday " Poem" The Odds

This weeks Sunday Scribbling prompt is " Wicked" I think it's wicked not to know your value!

This poem was built on a conversation with a friend. Plus my many thoughts about unique individuals! They seem to bring an interesting perspective to the world. There is a solace in just being authentic, yet at times it seems a difficult task for many! So worried what the world will think of them, they suppress political views, decorating tastes, clothing styles, and worst of all the never recognize their own beauty or talent. Very sad to live a life without knowing your worth!

One of my beautiful friends said she feels like she is odd! It will be very hard to pin down which friend said this because I think they all feel a little odd! I know I’m a bit odd too! In fact I am a lot odd, or the most odd of us all!!! So I say “Thank god for Odd!!!” I would not want to be anything less than unique or odd! So I made up some characters called the Odds! Even though I once lived a very comfortable life style, life has changed. I may have less than my friends, but I know how to have fun with what I have, and I am probably the most content of all!
The Odds

They weren’t really wicked
But they were surely odd
The way they dressed, how they looked
Appearing rather flawed

They seemed to have no torso
Incessant giggling all the time
When a teacher asked them to shush
They stared, and looked sublime

You wish you knew their secret
Of mischief and silliness
Even though they hadn’t much
They seemed cocooned in bliss

Some labeled them wicked
Accused of fictitious deeds
But when it came to setting trends
They gladly took the leads

They haves special talents
Swiftly found their flair
They aren’t hard to recognize
With extraordinary hair

So when you see these strange ones
Reassess your views
Harbor an open mind
They just may be your muse

Inside could be an artist
So peer beyond facades
Ask for their key to happiness
Then thank god, for “the Odds”


studio lolo said...

Funny and fabulous!!

Tammy said...

Well said giggles! I embrace my oddness, it came with my goddess package. lol XXOO

Craig Lamberton said...

nice work.. quirky and lively, and the verse and illustration compliment each other well..

LisaOceandreamer said...

FABULOUS....you get a standing O!!!

You know it IS fun to be odd!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Here's to authenticity and uniqueness!

paris parfait said...

Wonderful, wise poem! xo

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! It is truely wonderful to be odd I think. I'm right there with ya girl. A couple of odd one's we are. :) Proud of it! Odd, Unique, full of life, color and what God brings to us!
What a wonderful poem! There are no words to express how wonderful it is! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

Lucy said...

I DO thank god for the odds! Which means I thank god for giggles! :)) Great poem and totally odd and creative drawing! ( thanks for the audio tip I will try it later)

Sandie said...

wonderful poem, I am often caught off guard with how 'odd' I am when I try and compare myself to others.

gautami said...

This perfectly brings out the oddness of behaviour in all of us. Taking the odds, I am odd too!

Paul said...

As a fairly conventional person myself, I constantly have to remind myself that "odd-looking" people are just different and not of less value. Your beautiful poem has served as another reminder of that. Thanks.

forgetfulone said...

That was awesome!

Lisa said...

Love it! Love the poem and the illustration. I do thank God for the "odds."

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