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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hair Week

Since the “Hair” prompt for Sunday Scribblings was such a hit. I decided to make this Hair Week! If you have any funny hair stories either send them to me via email or post them on your blog and send me the link! Hope to hear from you!

I started drawing this picture for Illustration Friday , then realized it looked like my mom in her mid years when she used to give me that “YOU’RE NOT WEARING THAT" look! It’s most likely you will never see me with that color hair, shirt or makeup! For one thing it doesn’t suit me! Every daughter who has opposing views to her mother will understand the other reasons!

To continue with the hair prompt a few years back one humid summer day I was in Sunny White Rock for a doctor’s appointment and realized I needed to pay my taxes. There are a lot of Euell Gibbons types out there! Kudos for anyone who remembers the nature boy…(man) who endorsed snacking on twigs and things in nature! I spotted a guy riding an old battered ten speed….not the popular mountain bike of the times! He was a noticeable character with his week old facial stubble, longer graying hair and strange mannerisms. Notably cautious when doing banking, I watched this guy behind my mirrored sunglasses as he ambled around finding a place to park his bike. I entered the bank; he followed and stood directly behind me. He appeared a bit odd, but harmless….the line up was not moving. Yet I could feel a heat energy moving closer to my body. I told myself not to worry. The lineup was taking forever. I inched a few steps forward, giving the unkempt man space. A few seconds later I felt the heat on my back again! So I inched further forward a few steps out of his way. I was next in line to the teller. Before I knew it the strange man behind me had his nose in my hair…and was sniffing it!!! I flipped my head around; he jolted away and gave me that IT WASN’T ME look!” Yeah as though I didn’t feel and hear him sniffing into my massive curly locks. There was no mistaking what he did! There were no other weirdoes bowing their six foot frame into my hair, breathing down my back. I saw no six foot dog, who would be the only other likely candidate to be sniffing a human being outside of the bedroom!!! Ewww….I think my hair was sexually assaulted in the public bank line up!!! I just couldn’t get my taxes paid fast enough that day! I drove home immediately and fumigated my hair!!! What a creepy feeling that was!


Cz said...

So weird! Love your blog! ;o) (how did you get music to play? that's really cool!)

Jennifer said...

ROFL, your hair was assaulted! Enjoyable read!

Anonymous said...

Hair week. I'll keep that in mind if I remember any stories that I would like to share. Sorry that I have not been here as often. There has been alot going on. Wonderful post!

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