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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " What's Your Sign?"

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Sunday Scribblings " What is your Sign?"
Gemini Sun Sign
On a good day I’m the communicator
I can be a clown who’s habitually late
Trying to accomplish too many things at once
Rendering me in a frenzied state

On a good day two people inhabit my skin
I remember your sign along with your name
I love novelty, the unusual, variety
Independence and a myriad of game

On a good day I’m youthful,
Adaptive, flexible, and fervent
My nemesis boredom, does perplex
To knowledge, I am a fanatic servant

On a good day I love to be amused
Toting my wit I can be an entertainer
But a huge obstruction to my bliss
Can be a noose tightening restrainer

On a dark day there can be a wild me
With a rascal residing within,
She’s cunning, holds secret thoughts
I’m pretty sure she’s the evil twin

On a dark day she procrastinates
Could be fickle, finicky, a little persistent too
Thank goodness for the good day twin
Who dominates with ability to construe!

I'm late posting Sunday Scribblings, maybe tonight I will give you a hint as to why I have been deliquent! Just a little hint though.....


CattyCat said...

You know my sign! I too am proudly a Gemini. It is so fun being a Gemini. I think other people don't understand this 100%, but oh well. We are having fun!

Lucy said...

A hint? Now You've got the curious leo crazy!
Great poem! hope your rascal gets his fair share of soothing hershey bars. :) tell me tell me tell me!!

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