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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Glitter Power Sisters Unite!

Friday night was my first meeting with a fellow blogger or should I say Glitter Power Sister Sioux (far left) from Mineral Well Texas. Sioux's bubbly personality entertained us with stories of travel and home.
My friend Violette in the colorful green and orange, a well known local folk artist from White Rock lives in a magic Cottage, has been on a few television programs including Weird Homes! Violette is a wonderful mentor to many Glitter Power sisters! A group of bloggers and artists who meet on the message board of her blog to connect and do art swaps. I am so grateful to Violette for inspiring me to start drawing and tap into my artful heart! After visiting my home and seeing my love of color, Violette was first to label me an Artist and encourage me to start blogging! There really is no monetary equivalent to that gift, which I will be eternally thankful.

Nicci, a friend who I met through Violette is another local artist from White Rock who has been busy painting a mural on a building at the beach in White Rock. Becoming rather well known Nicci was recently on the American television show "That's Clever" which featured her painting her goddess's on material! You can read about this Funky Artist on her Brushed with Magic website!

Pepper and Bryan came along to meet Sioux and Raf! Pepper was so impressed that during their trip Raf and Sioux were listening to Harry Potter on duel headphones together! Isn’t that romantic? Sioux was adorably emphatic that no one tells her how it ends because they aren’t finished it yet!
Bryan loved connecting with Raf, an astute musician! He was mesmerized while listening to Raf's adventures belonging to a large acoustic guitar group similar to the Glitter Power Sisters! Bryan baked a loaf of banana bread for them to have on their trip. Such an adorable couple, Bryan and Pepper aspire to be a couple as close, loving and supportive to each other as they are!
Sioux and Raf were such a joy to meet! After a bit of running around we settled on what seemed to be an intimate Russian Café in Vancouver a few blocks from the hotel. There was a diverse menu; Sioux tried Borscht for the first time while Raf and I had Perogies!
Conversation flowed, we played a bit of musical chairs so everyone got a chance to connect with our visitors. Sioux said she was really happy I brought the kids along because she'd read so much about them.We compared lifestyles, explained where we lived, which isn't as frenetic as Vancouver on a friday night!
Violette was stunningly lovely in her flowing green and orange attire topped off with adorable glitzy espadrilles. Wish I’d taken a full picture of her….she looked like a bohemian goddess! I was sorry I hadn't more time to get acquainted with G, Violette's suitor.

Sioux and Raf were exausted, with their early morning stint at the airport, two A.M. our time. It was such a pleasure to meet them, time together seemed too short! I hope they take me up on my offer to stay with us on their next trip here.Sounds like Bryan and Pepper may one day attend a few acoustic guitar festivals with them too!


Lucy said...

your friend violette looks so much like my friend Debbie! wow they could be sisters, I need to send you her picture. Glitter power sisters look like they know how to have a lot of fun! :))

Anonymous said...

Ohhh looks like you all had a wonderful time! Violette,Nicci and your being there! It'd be outstanding to meet you all in person. I just love these pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

I cannot believe I didn't comment to this. What a wonderful gathering and you all look so great. How cool is it that Bryan and Raf have the music thing in common? Meeting he and Pepper would be such an added treat.
Sioux has always seemed so sweet so I am not surprised she really is in person. And for Sioux and Raf, how wonderful you all turned up to meet them!!
When G and I finally get up to Vancouver I hope we can do the same with you all!

tinker said...

What a fun time! A Russian cafe sounds so exotic and adventurous to me (we don't have any down here - well, maybe in the big cities) - anyway, the perfect place for a meeting of GPS. That is so romantic that Raf and Sioux were listening to the same book on joint headphones - just from reading her blog you can tell what a close, loving couple they must be, and this post confirms that. So cool that Raf and Bryan connected over their music, and how nice of Bryan to bake them something to take with them. All of you ladies look so gorgeous and happy to be together - what a wonderful gathering of GPS - thanks for giving us the scoop - I feel almost like I'd seen a video report of it, you gave such good descriptions. Wish I could have been there, too. Someday....XOXO

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