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Friday, August 10, 2007


Can you believe this guy is 556 month old? This is the affects of good nutrition and routine weight lifting since the age of 12!

Yes hard to believe my brother is 46 years old!
Check out some of that Canadian good nutrition!!!
I still remember back forty years when he was 6 and stood in front of me to protect me from some evil neighbor boys trying to whip his sister with a switch from our apple tree!
He took it bare-chested like a little man, against my many protests! My dad later dealt with the bullies!

My daughter is so much like my mother!

I love the comparison!


Lucy said...

WO! What a hottie! I LOVE your brothers face, body, jeans.... wow.

Tammy said...

I need some of that nutrition, I'm going to be 46 and I can't even find my ab muscles. lol

Remarkable how they look alike!


Gemma said...

Your brother is a babe. The fact that he was your protector and a good brother to you and he is one of the good guys that is priceless. Hugs to you both.

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

Holy mackaroly - now that's one good lookin' dude!(and I never say dude). How nice that he was there to protect you from those bullies. Good brothers are hard to find. LOL!
I love the two pics of Pepper and your mom side by side.

paris parfait said...

You have one very handsome brother! And Pepper is gorgeous - so sweet next to the photo of your mom. xo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I bet it's wonderful having your daughter remind you of your mother so much.

tinker said...

What a handsome - and brave - brother you have, Sherrie. And your daughter is lovely, and your mom, too - I can see the resemblance.

CattyCat said...

Your brother is one handsome hunk! Wowzers

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