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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It was a Beauty! The cake and the Celebration!

Gypsy goddess Laura made the most beautiful and scrumptious cake ever!! Only wish I wasn’t so full I could have had another TASTE!!!….that’s what the goddesses call seconds!!!

Laura ( here in the green) also crafted that beautiful single strand necklace (below) for Chris, with the reversible rectangular red and orange glass bead! The black necklace beneath is separate from the one Laura made. It's an interesting necklace too. Made with clear beads and black string.

Life is Art and I am always amazed at what a good haircut can do for a person. My mom was a hairdresser for over forty years; I spent countless hours watching her cut, perm and color hair. Mom also sewed, altered furniture and lamps to match rooms, and even made me a pair of shorts out of an old coat. Then; you altered thing out of fiscal necessity and because less material items were available. Now we do it for pleasure, to recycle and also to practice restraint!
This is the great haircut my friend the fairy goddess received yesterday! Last night we celebrated her birthday at our favorite Chili Pepper House restaurant. Where the food was exceptionally delicious!

Good Haircuts always leave me in awe!

Goddess Birthday Celebration, we had such a lovely time!
Our Earth goddess an avid hiker just came back from a hike in Peru; where a protest by the locals that became heated. The hikers and tourists were forced to escape. They were up all night on the bus ride to Lima. Connie said it was scary, every time the bus door opened they feared bandits would confiscate all their items of value including their passports! To read more about this dangerous incident read here!


KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha sherri,
I am in Awe of good haircuts too..Ive yet to find anyone around here to do one for me.. lol..
So my mop stays one length and tied out the way most days..
Peru is not for the faint of heart, anyone doing the bus ride there is brave indeed...
PEace, Kai xx

Dan said...

That cake looks awesome. And your friend's new haircut is beautiful. Hiking in Peru? Escape? Wow! That must have been both scary and also exciting. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! And for those very nice things you said. Hugs to you for that. Your blog is so loving and colorful!

Lucy said...

hiking in peru leaves me as awe struck as that great haircut! Can I have a piece of that yummy cake?? :)

Christine said...

Cake and Connie, both spectacular! It was a lovely evening, thanks to all of you. Chris

tinker said...

Looks like a wonderful time - and haircut! Scary as the riot must have been, thank goodness your friend wasn't there during the earthquake.
That necklace is gorgeous (so is the cake - it's making me hungry!)

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