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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alphabet Meme

Something I love with passion and verve!
These two!

I found this fantastic Alphabet Meme on Maryellens blog. It's eye opening, forcing us to think about what and who we are! Rule # 1 Using the first word of my sentence as a prompt, write your own sentence that captures you/your essence!

Accept that people aren’t perfect and make mistakes!

Break away from toxic people

Create constantly, everyday in all I do!

Decide to live in love, without fear!

Explore more art forms and my artistic abilities

Forgive myself for imperfections; I rarely have trouble forgiving others

Give graciously what I can!

Hope to achieve my dreams and fiscal abundance

Ignore the angry mean people!

Journey through life peacefully, with solace in art

Know that thoughts become things

Love with passion and verve, including differences!

Manage to manifest money

Notice good rather than evil

Open minded

Play as much as I can with joy, and humor

Questions my self often, especially when I feel disdain

Relax harmoniously, free of ire and contempt

Share my experience, art, wisdom and intimate nature

Try to make a difference

Use my best skills of compassion, and love to share with those in need

Value my family and relationships

Work on abundance of joy, happiness, kindness, harmony, and things I love!

X-ray my intention in all that I do, making sure it is of the highest caliber.

Yield to traffic always, and to life, no matter what it brings.

Zoom to success

Rule #2 Tag as many as you want but at least one person!

Rule #3 List who you tag! Here they are! Seems like there is a bloggers funk going around lately, I hope this meme may be inspiring!







Lucy said...

thanks for tagging me mamma! I will give this my best shot, I may have to copy some of your perfect alphabet answers!

Tammy said...

I've chosen to spread my funk and do a letter every Tuesday. You really came up with great mantras and they sound just like you.

Love the picture!!!


Gemma said...

Hi...ok...I did it ( a little different with words instead of sentences!!!) Love your answers....

vicci said...

I love your meme...I did mine...but still must post it! No wonder you love those two!!! They look so precious! XXXOOOO

Amber said...

This is a cool one! I like your answers.


Lisa said...

What wonderful answers! Truly an alphabet to aspire to. Thank you, my wise friend.

tinker said...

Great alphabet answers - it was fun reading them. xo

Ha~I just saw what the word verification letters were, and had to share them with you - they spell 'kaput'! It always cracks me up when they end up spelling, or almost spelling a word.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Abzdragon said...

Interesting Meme!

CattyCat said...

Hi you:
Yes I noticed the G, but didn't remember to change it. OOPS. Only one other besides you has even noticed.

I just plain haven't been feeling like blogging lately. Not sure why, but just haven't. Blog vacation I guess. I am doing OK though. Hope you are well, the wedding looks fabulous.

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