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Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Chris and Lucy!

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Lucy, Sherrie, Chris aren't we svelte? We've been working out! I mean I have been working out my paint program!!! Oh yeah and I paid for the new hairdo's too! Or should I say I MAY be paying for them....PLEASE NO RETRIBUTION!!!! If you'd like to change the color again girls, it's on my dime!

I altered an old piece of art…..wow it took way longer than I expected….I’m praying no one is insulted with their wigs…..or boobs!!! Or Faces! Oh yeah I didn’t draw those!

Happy Birthday Chris and Lucy....hope you celebrate all weekend long!Two dear women deserve all the best, today and everyday. They are both loving passionate women, who work hard and adore their families! I wish you only JOY!!! Love Sherrie


Anonymous said...

Girls hope you have wonderful birthdays. Love the card. Love Hugs and Blessings

Lucy said...

hahahaha I was wondering how I would loook in stripes and that cut! hahahaha Thanks SO much for the amazing makeover! Love how skinny my arms look in that photo! YOu are the wackiest and the best! xoxox

Lucy said...

I was so busy laughing, I forgot to wish Chris a happy birthday too! Hope it was as wild as your hairdo! :)

KaiBlueCreations said...

oh thats a fun and silly card there Ms sherrie!!! What cute ideas you always come up with to celebrate your friends.. :)
PEace and love, Kai xx

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