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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poetry Thursday " Between the Lines"

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Nicci, and two fellow artist completed this beautiful Mermaid mural to enhance the White Rock beach! What joy this painting brings to the beach!

Pepper and Bryan visited Nicci’s mermaid Mural on Tuesday. I joined them for a dinner of fish and chips and a
game of crib!

Often times many things just aren't said.....it's what's between the lines that really count!
Poetry Thursday
Between the Lines

Bewitching beauty, her laminated smile shimmers with allure
Between the lines envy stains her attire, contorting reality
He bellows melodies of life, loss and longing
Between the lines a silenced voice, reverently waiting to be heard
Fleshy foreigner invades her vigor, apathy appears apparent
Between the lines the ceaseless malaise conceals disability
Constant commotion, wields weariness and unbearable pain
Between the lines she’s cloaked in guilt, clinging to choked creativity and ire
Earthly companion virtuously responsible, fulfilling her duties diligently
Between the lines sleeping in blanketed passion of deafening regret and defeat
Chasing perfection, he shrewdly sculpts every aspect of his moment
Between the lines the chaos baton follows in the shadows of his insecurities
Frivolously she spends, factiously layering the lies with baubles and new adventures
Between the lines she’s detached from consequences held by the anvils thread of the past
Unreadable pages of a well honed façade of confidence and style
Between the lines the oxymoron lives a secret fear of abandon symbiotically
What appears is an illusion of presentation, a veneer of soul, safety, and pride
Between the lines lives clichés, metaphors, intimacy and truth


Lucy said...

Giggles, I think you wrote this about me? I guess many will feel like that. Have you thought about putting music to this, It seems like a song to me. I love it! Beautiful murals

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Nicci's mermaids look wonderful! Thank you for sharing these with us! I've been trying to enter the mermaid swap, do you know how I can do that?

Gemma said...

This poem could be about any of us I think.
Love the mermaids... so cool.

Tammy said...

Nicci did a great job! Your poem is so full of truth. I'd love to just jerk down the curtain and see it all...maybe? Well done, girl! XXOO

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderful mural!

Tinker said...

Wow - really well written! And I loved getting to see the finished mermaid mural - I remember seeing it just started, over on Violette's, so it was fun getting to see it all finished - thank you! xo

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