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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm A Winner!!!!

Sunday I managed two posts, dinner on the beach with a friend, a visit to Nicci’s mermaid’s mural; watch the sunset then have a game of bingo! Yes you read that correctly, a game of bingo, something I haven’t done in thirty four years! It was a comedy of errors as I dabbed the wrong card and had to change colors and re dab it for the big money! Pepper called a false bingo! She’d dabbed a five which is the date of Bryans Birthday before it was called! Numbers are not my forte, I could feel an underlying headache, as I stressed to dab all the digits! We giggled through the whole two hours. I won enough to pay my entrance fee!
At the end of July Gemma sent me a Schmooze award with this sweet acknowledgement! Thank you so much Gemma for the love and support. You have no idea how much that means!

You have received the Schmooze Award from Gemma!
Your art and poetry knock my socks off!

Monday I was calling myself a winner all day long!! Riding in the car singing, “I’m a winner, I’m a winner.” Yes I can be rather kooky at times. I was informed in a phone call that the drug store that made all the mistakes on my bill last week put 10, 000 points on my card probably, worth about fifteen dollars!
Friday Bryan stopped into a dollar store, a woman in a wheelchair unable to reach the top greeting cards asked him for help. Mentioning how they always put the ones she needs on the top. Being six three Bryan is always doing those short lady reaches for me! He politely pulled some down, and then asked if she wanted more, because he’d be leaving soon. He was on a bit of a time crunch; otherwise he would have stood there as long as she needed him! That’s just how he is! She thanked him, expressing that he’d done his good deed for the day. He assured her that humans should be nice to others all the time!! And that is why this young man lives with me! Because he is simply a kind person to all people, and very humble too!

Last week Gemma sent a Nice Matters award, before I could pass one on to Maryellen which I intended….she tagged me with one first!! Thank you so much ladies…Nice really does matter! As far as I’m concerned all the bloggers I visit deserve these lovely awards or I simply wouldn’t visit them! I prefer to be around a balance of nice people. I think for the most part that’s what I have in my circle, kind loving, giving woman of substance! I am so grateful for that, and now I have a blogger family of lovely people! Am I blessed of what? Yes I truly am a WINNER!


Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

You deserve these awards and more...your kind heart, your poetry, your straightforwardness, your goddess essence...all of it!
I can never single people out to pass these things on because as you said, I wouldn't visit if people weren't nice, reflective, creative, thinking, schmoozing, wonderful bloggers!!

I can so understand your affection for Bryan, he sounds quite outstanding - someone with a great deal of character. How blessed Pepper AND you are for having him in your lives!!

Love and hugs,

Kai said...

you've always been a winner to me :)
Peace, Kai xx

Lucy said...

beautiful sunset, beautiful award and boy is Bryan a beautiful person. You ARE a winner, a beautiful winner!

Janet said...

I always knew you were a winner!! But it's nice to get the awards to remind us.

Bryan sounds like a fantastic young man. Wish there more like him!

Gemma said...

Sitting here barefooted (no socks)sending smiles to you Giggles...you are a winner!!!

KaiBlueCreations said...

you have always been a winner in my eyes.. :)
I loved the link you sent me for your visit with Sioux by the way!! Mahalo nui loa, Peace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

Tag your it! The rules are on my blog. :) Wonderful post! Congradulations on the awards! Well deserved my friend....well deserved! *HUGS*

Abzdragon said...

Wow! Impressive you are a winner! The awards are well deserved :)

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