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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kids in Victoria!

Kids en route to Victoria
Day one
Ice cream for breakfast! 7 thirty-ish
Ocean view from the ferry
A ferry kiss!
Artistic graffiti!
Day two
The Empress Hotel, pictures by Pepper
Anyone want a carriage ride? 90 dollars and up!
Parliament buildings where all the nonsense happens!
They depart for downtown!

They watched a side walk artist in progress!
They asked to take his picture!
He wouldn't allow it!

Lost in Beacon Hill park with other tourists! A crazy squirrel chased them.... very scary!

They ran away very fast!

Pepper said the squirrel troll ran them off the bridge....
Bryan said he was more of an ogre!

Day three
Bryans birthday breakfast! He's 22!
They did some shopping and sightseeing!
Pepper wore her new dress!
Parliament buildings in the background!
Parliament lit up at night!

Day Four
They got a little sun! Enjoyed a free outdoor festival!
Partied in the street!
While they were gone I did some art!
Bryan did too!
The double decker bus to the Ferry!
On their way home after a happy holiday!


CattyCat said...

Oh I had so much fun on this foto expose. So nice to see the where's and who's. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's! They look soo happy! Great work on the street,even if the artist wouldn't allow them to take his picture. LOLOLOL Outstanding post! *HUGS*

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Happy, wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing dear Sherrie ... xx, JP

vicci said...

How great! I remember these days...young...in love.....new adventures........great photos Sweetie....they are a darling couple!

Tammy said...

I've never seen Victoria, it's really pretty. Great shots of an obviously fun time. ;)

Lucy said...

what a beautiful happy adorably young couple!
great shots. I love the sidewalk art! thanks for sharing sherrie... Now about that brother again....

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