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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pill Box Hat also called Fascinator

Anita and Pepper very drenched from the monsoon rains! My pictures don't do the hat justice, although the girls do look beautiful here!
Bryan and I crafted this pill box hat on a real time crunch. We pulled together to make it happen for the wedding. Wednesday Pepper wearily trounced along Vancouver streets in search of material to make the 1950's pill box hat! After many phone calls and google searches, she found what she needed at Dressew. One hat store was charging two hundred and forty five dollars for a pill box hat!! My, my, slightly over budget compared with our mere fifteen dollars!
Bryan cut two pieces and pinned them around the hat! Then I hand sewed the black satin, and found some red nineteen eighties earring and bend them into the amalgamated red and black tulle!
This is the original hat form, very uninteresting as formed netting, at just over five dollars.
Here is how Bryan pinned it. First I attached the material with a few baste stitches and then I trimmed the excess material! The hat was a definite hit as everyone asked where she got it! Many assumed Pepper was a fashion designer. Funny how vintage styles and an artist flair provoke those automatic thoughts! Geo called her a Diva all night! She did have a ball!


Tammy said...

Very clever you guys and what great teamwork! HUGS

Anonymous said...

How neat! A pill box hat! :) Thanks for sharing this with us!

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

Fabulous job, I thought it was vintage! You have potential for future sales on this!! Pepper looked amazing, definitely very diva!

thanks for sharing this event!

vicci said...

The girls look so cute...and I love the pillbox hat! I wish women still wore hats.......:-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics you have been showing lately. I loved the hat before. But now I really love it knowing it was a family affair. Love Hugs and Blessings

Lucy said...

That is so adorable, It is SO creative that you figured it all out! Gee Pepper... Can I borrow that? xox

tinker said...

Great job on the hat - Pepper looks gorgeous in it. Looks like a fun time!

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