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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day after the Wedding

I wanted to show you this dinosaur hugging the giraffe! Bryan is pretty thrilled with the new shirt he bought in Victoria! Isn't it adorable....he's quite fun that way!

A favorite quote came up today on the daily quotes! " Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." As many of my friends already know I stand for children and teens! Their right to grow up in a peaceful environment, free to develop their own natural spirit, and follow their bliss without criticism! All children need guidance, boundaries and some direction, but ultimately my job was to produce a independent adult who can function well with others making her own way in the world. I think I have been able to do that with only a few corrections and lots of encouragement! I have also done the same for other children who have lived temporarily under my roof! I feel very passionate about children and their right to emotional well being!

Beautiful Sunflowers on Jon's moms property. His sister drove my car home Saturday night after the wedding. It was nice to let my hair down and have an extra drink. It was A treat to have those few extra drinks without worry!
The majesty of a weighty sunflower is quite an impressive sight!
We all met up at Jon's parents house on Sunday. I made a double Thai salad that was scoffed up in ten minutes! Bryan's and his young brothers joined Pepper on the trampoline, left over from Jon's moms days of taking in foster children. The huge property with berry bushes, vegetable gardens and fruit trees is a child's haven! Peppers been there a few times and loved eating fresh raspberries straight off the bushes!
Nothing more thrilling for me than watching children giggling with glee!
Mitch flying through the air has wrecked many a bike with his thrill seeking nature! Their mom has taken them almost daily this summer to the skate park to practice jumps. At sixty she is quite a spitfire watching her twelve year old adrenaline junkie maneuver those daring bike tricks!


KaiBlueCreations said...

I love the pill box hat, I have to make some sort of one for the Sedona thing..lol.. Please come?

Peace, Kai xxxx

Gemma said...

How fun!!!! I'm with Kai on the Pill box hat (too cute) and coming to Sedona....please come. BTW I'm coming to Vancouver in a few weeks...I'll eMail you!

Lucy said...

Did you take a good look at how beautiful the sky looks in your pics? It's amazing! The trampoline is a lot of fun. And, I Love what you stand for Sherrie! xoxo That sunflower is VERY impressive.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful pics of joy. Peace & love, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us! :)

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