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Friday, August 24, 2007

Nuts for the Day!

This is how I feel right now! Eeeeeks will I get it all done?

My Thursday started with a brand new roll of toilet paper falling in the toilet….shall I continue? Then I went to Liquidation world to check out their VIP sale on Kitchen Aid small appliances for less than half price. It was nuts...there were very expensive cars in the parking lot, people had six and seven boxes of product. This was ten minutes after the store opened! It was insane, there was nothing left. I wanted to buy a wood box to alter while I was there. The cashier lines were crazy so I left.
Later in the day after a full day of running around doing errands trying to be serious with people I realized I had two completely different earrings on! I asked Pepper to grab them off the counter, and then I quickly put them on in the car during a red light. I giggled , reminded of the time I wore two completely different flip flops to dinner! When I looked down I had a pink one and a black one on. Absolutely different styles too! We all howled….that night my cousin ordered a Grand prick burger….the people started laughing hysterically. All the staff came out to point and stare at the woman who ordered the Grand Prick burger. It was actually a Grand prix burger! Who was the biggest dummy that night I wonder?

This is a just a quick post we are run ragged here, making art for a wedding, a pill box hat, going to staggette and concert. Doing laundry in between. I will have lots to talk about and show next week for sure! Have a great weekend!


Gemma said...

Funny!!!!I have to admit I once wore 2 different sneakers.Grabbed
them out of a dark closet, put them on and away I went....to work no less, in an elementary school!
Was my face red....lol

Christine said...

Hi,HT, I have been wondering how you are making out for the wedding and now I know, sounds like craziness, but funny. Have fun today, and tell Bryan I have had his songs stuck in my head...signs of a hit song?? x0xChris Can't wait to see the pictures of Pepper with the hat on!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Nice illustration! You captured a great mood!

altermyworld said...

And sometimes you just have to giggle...plain and simple....we make plans and God Laughs....your post made me laugh.
Keep on gigglin, it will keep you sane.

Lucy said...

You should have ordered the grand Prick hot dog,mmmmm mighty tasty!

Tammy said...

LOL That's some day girl! Enjoy all the fun. XXOO

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