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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Remember this cutie patootie gay maid of honor at Ava’s wedding? Well he’s from Holland. The groom Jon is also Dutch, his father made a speech at the wedding about Jons love of droopies even as a young child.
When he was just a toddler he wouldn’t get out of his bed on his own, even though he could speak fluently. So his dad would throw a droopie (a salty Dutch licorice candy) on the floor and Jon would follow it right over the crib rail to the floor and gobble it up. Apparently Jons dad was warning Ava that Jon has always been a man needing encouragement, candy seems to do the trick.
Anyway, since Geo was coming from Holland Jon requested his favorite droopies ( salty licorice candy). Geo always obliged bringing Jons favorite brand along in his suitcase. Only when he arrived for the wedding Jon politely asked for his droopies. Geo apologized profusely explaining that he just didn’t have time to pick them up with all the wedding hoopla. Jon hung his head in disappointment!
A few days down the road Jon was doing prep for the wedding and everything seemed to go wrong. He came home feeling like crap, Ava and Geo greeted him at the door. Ava informed Jon that a parcel came for him that day, thinking it might be important she signed for it. Curious Jon asked what it was, assuming it was a wedding present. Ava shrugged her shoulders and said it was some kind of suitcase. She didn’t know anything about it except that it was addressed to him, so she signed for it.
She brought the suitcase out for Jon, he pondered it then opened it up. Inside was a huge suitcase full of Droopies. Jon squealed like a two year old throwing the little shapes, and packages of droopies over his shoulders onto the floor, ravaging through his treasures with glee. The suitcase full of licorice was actually from Geo as a special wedding gift to Jon. He hadn’t forgotten after all. Jon will be stocked up with droopies for a few years to come! I thought this was the sweetest story, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

If there are any Dutch people reading this and I am not pronouncing droopies properly, please feel free to correct me!


Janet said...

What a wonderful story! I had no idea what droopies were and now I know.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

What a wonderful story!

Thanks for the comments. For some reason I am not able to email you, so I chose to comment here.

It's wonderful that Gemma is coming to see you guys. I know she will enjoy herself so much. Wish we could be there, too.

Hope Bryan just loves his new job...and that he and Pepper received the package I sent.

Tammy said...

What a wonderful friend and story! XXOO

KaiBlueCreations said...

i always thought that droopies were when my coconut shells hung lower then my grass skirt..
now i know the real thing!
peace, kai xx

Anonymous said...

Great story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I also love the pictures. *HUGS*

Lucy said...

that was a "sweet" story giggles! I could taste jons droopies. xo

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