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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Last Thursday

Danny Sveinson Sorry for the poor quality photo it was dark in the pub.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of witnessing the “Rock and Roll kid” in action. He played at an open Mike night in White Rock B.C. He’s dubbed to be the next Eric Clapton or Jimmi Hendrix. Danny just showed up with his band taking a back seat to the lead singer who also seems like a young star in the making. I thought that to be very gracious of Danny who seems to just want to play guitar. I don’t think he’s that thrilled with the hoopla surrounding his celebrity. Especially when some fifty-one year old fat lady tells him she likes his music. That probably scared the poor kid. His dad seemed pleased when I told him I’d seen the biography and loved it! He had his video camera in tow documenting the show and seemed very pleasant. I love how protective the parents are, even though some say it’s to Danny’s detriment. I feel those parents know what’s best for their child; giving him some semblance of normalcy during childhood is good thing. He has plenty of time for celebrity and fame! For now let him enjoy playing music when and where he wants to! Once he’s thrown into fame there will be no turning back!

Would you want to be famous? I know I wouldn’t if I thought it meant losing my privacy. How much is privacy worth to you???


Janet said...

Beautiful photos! As for the angry woman....some people are just angry all the time. How sad.

Fame. No, I would not want to be famous. My privacy is worth a lot to me even though we're losing most of it daily and don't seem to notice....or care!

KaiBlueCreations said...

I'd be famous if it meant I could help people, to have the money to help kids and such..

I dont do anything bad to worry about paparazzi following me about..lol.

My privacy is under a microscope by USA government because im a resident alien here..but I'd rather be safe then sorry in that context.

OUtside, Im in public..fair game
inside my home, well, I have guard doggies who are not afraid to lick anyone to death!!
PEAce, Kai xxx

Tammy said...

Who is singing this song on your blog?

Being famous is probably only obnoxious if you're at the TomKat level. Famous is a general term because I'd like to be Mary Oliver famous. :)


Gemma said...

What a pretty town and mountains...can't wait to see them.
Sounds like you have alot of things going on around there. FUN!
Giggles if you published a book of your poetry you'd be famous.

Lucy said...

Sherrie, Don't remind me of your age, In the photo of you holding the Purrr fect purse... You look like you're in your EARLY 30's! I am NOT exaggerating sexy sadie! YOu look amamamazing!
As for the rocker.... Kewl!
As for the privacy.... eh, I could give up a little of it, if it meant Fame and Fortune that I could spread around. ( Don't hate me because I'm shallow) haha xox

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