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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Kai

I think I have to clear things up, I drew this Mermaid around Kai's face! I probably should have put a peace sign on her breasts just to make it more authentic! Truly my first time drawing a mermaid.
Happy Birthday Kai
Wishing you a year of love, laughter, peace and joy!
Kai's Sunny Bus, more about this photo here!
Pictures from Kai's blog to be removed upon request!
Sunny bus art created by Kai, Same photo shoot for Kai's Volkswagon Van!

She’s a peaceful mermaid
A free spirit traveling the countryside
In her sunny bus, Volkswagen van
Enhanced by her creative hand
She’s a kind and thoughtful soul
Carrying a pocket full of unwritten words
A heart full of love, and a dream of world peace
The ocean is her muse
Like the waves her words ebb and tide
Surfacing in vivid dreams
Intuition and meditation
She’s a spirit like no other
A messenger of peace and love
Her true essence is announced
In her art and lexis!


KaiBlueCreations said...

Just got in..Waves the Mermaid wand of glitter n fun..

Of course you can decorate your blog with sunnybus :) and that silly woman in her.. teehee..
((hugs)) and thankyou for the birthday wishes!!!
PEace n love Kai and SunnyBus

Clare said...

Very cool Sunny Bus!! There should be lots of those driving around -- it would bring smiles to many people's faces as they were driving to work.

tinker said...

What a great mermaid photo, Sherrie, and what a sweet post.
Hope you have a great weekend. XOXO

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