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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Hi my name is"

Sunday Scribbling prompt for this week is " Hi my name is"
Hi My name is Sherrie, I write this blog. Although I am an older gal, in the past twenty four hours I have learned so many things.

I learned that a grumpy young neighbor becomes a grumpier old neighbor eleven years later, and his once beautiful wife looks haggard because of it! So grateful I moved all those years ago!

I’ve learned that it is awesome to reconnect with old friends that you’ve lost touch with!

I have learned that I have a good support system for my art!

I have learned that my daughter the princess, who loves me to dote on her, is an extremely independent brave lone traveler with amazing business savvy!

I have learned that I have an opportunity to stay in Mexico for four months in a lovely home, as a house sitter with a friend, should I choose to!

I have learned that Peppers father does worry about her when she’s not with me!

I have learned that although I love my solitude I also need to connect with like minded people, especially other artists who inspire me!
I learned that you can love a non famous person that you have never met as long as you read their blog!

I have learned that no matter how cloudy it is, there can be a sunset lurking the perimeter of the clouds. Literally and metaphorically!
I have learned that sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to find a good deal. My car led me to a five dollar mirror at a garage sale, still in its wrapper, completely ready for painting or mosaic!

I have learned that when you stop playing that’s when you truly start to age!
I learned that a doctor can become so frustrated with the system that he becomes an artist instead!

I’ve learned that it is awesome to reconnect with old friends that you’ve lost touch with!

I learned that a young people often find older people totally irrelevant!

I have learned that I love the new camera my daughter bought me in five minutes on the way to the airport! That if you put your true needs out into the universe they will be met!

I learned that young men hide a lot of pain behind their songs, and desperately need intimate connections, yet scorn each other for it!

I have learned I can waste countless hours trying to figure out how to change things on blogger, and still walk away void of a solution! Also a metaphor for life and relationships!
Last of all I have learned that life is changing so quickly at the moment, that I’m a little discombobulated!


altermyworld said...

I love when we open our minds and our hearts and our souls and learn something. I have learned today that you are not only a fantastic person but one that i really wish i had a friend like you here.

Lucy said...

Sherrie! I love you too! You just blew me away and also made my day, NO! my year!
You've learned some wonderful lessons my friend. Once again you've written a beautiful story.
I love this post and of course I am so happy that we found each other. You truly are my cyber soul mate. xoxo

Redness said...

What a fabulous woman you are ... living, loving & learning ... spot on ;~)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been really busy learning. Love Hugs and Blessings

Janet said...

Wow! I'd say you've learned a lot more than most people ever do! I love the art you included here. You always just blow me away with your art!!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Life is all about learning ... and you are embracing it!! I tagged you tonight my dear friend! xx, JP/deb

Amber said...

Oh yes, you SHOULD go to Mexico! And then sit on the beach for me!
*happy sigh*


Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent post, insightful, thanks for sharing!

gautami tripathy said...

sigh! You gave me so much to thnk about. Thanks!

violette said...

Sherrie......this is so awesome. You might want to make it into a poster.....words to live by? Sort of like that song that was famous a few years ago......the sunscreen one?

Love, Violette

Tammy said...

Fantastic post and I heart you too!



tumblewords said...

Indeed. Wonderful. Insightful. And worthy of a poster. Love it!

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