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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Meeting at the Enchanted Magic Cottage

Gemma's Birthday isn't for a few days. But in honor of our first meeting we decided to celebrate her anyway! So I whipped up this cake. The outside is rather messy, but hey you can't see it from this angle!
Yesterday a few of us glitter power sisters gathered at Violettes enchanting Magic cottage! I arrived last; Nicci from (brushed with magic) greeted me at the door! It's a home full of happy energy! I even talk faster when I'm there!
Gemma who I’d never met and her sister Susie were touring the spectacular Artist Violettes boudoir! Isn’t it just a fireworks of color for the soul? A very sweet artists Haven!
We proceeded into the back yard for a photo Op! As girls will be girls, the hoola hoop came out! Violette gave us a demo, Gemma joined in the fun! Just because you’re half a century old doesn’t mean you can’t play!!!
The jubilation of meeting for the first time, made us all giddy with joy! The bliss continues!
Serious semblance of peace as we hug together to record our special moments of love on Violettes Peace Swing!

The festivities continued with artichoke dip, humus, orange tea, fruit, cake, wine and intimate conversation! We reveled in the pureness of our souls. Enjoying every precious second of a very special moment in time! Just a thrill to meet authentic people and share life stories about family, art and spirit! What could be more perfect!!!
We all instantly clicked as though we'd known each other forever! I guess that's the true gift of blogging. You put so much of your soul into it, readers can't help but really get to know your heart! I had an amazing day meeting two special ladies while joining with my friends Violette and Nicci! Thank you Gemma and Susie for sharing yourselves so lovingly with a candid authenticity!! It was a true Joy! Violette for inviting us to the magic cottage to enjoy such creative splendor! Nicci for showing your studio to our visitors on a moments notice! I sent Gemma off with this bit of jewelry I made especially for her, and a frozen Banana Bread to share with her sister! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet such nice people fromthe blogging world! Have a safe trip home Gemma!


Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Oh, wow, what a great, great time you guys had! I CAN'T wait until next year when we return and get to see the Magic Cottage and all you guys again! Hey, Gemma, I'm so glad you and Susie got to go!!

hey, where were the kids...Tell Pepper and Bryan hi!!

KaiBlueCreations said...

..and you thought you had talent.. Im typing here while doing the hula hoop thing!! lol..
Sherri these are great pictures, thanks so much for sharing!!
PEace and light, Kai xxxx

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Marvelous!! I can feel the energy from this group of vibrant woman ... I'm so happy that you had such a great experience!! Peace & love, xx, JP/deb

Kate said...

I just love those hoola hoop pictures. What a riot you ladies had. That was a beautiful necklace you made...


Gemma said...

Sherrie...it was bliss meeting you, hugging you, the soul connection and knowing you have when I looked into your eyes.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts of food...that was made with your love and for the amazing bling...Love it!!!

Lucy said...

Wow! magic cottage is right, more like Peewees playhouse! LOVE it! the cake looks amazing, You all look so happy and fabulous, Wish I was there too Sher! xox Love the jewelry too, You seem to have lots of fun Miss Sherrie, Can I live your life for a week?? xoxo

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I love these photos, I love your description, I love the way the connections flow so easily and free....I love that love can flow between people that have never met in person..and then burst forth upon actually meeting. I am so happy you all had this chance, this moment, this soul to soul connection.
I hope some day I will be able to experience these moments with you!
In the meantime, sending love and hugs,

violette said...

Sherrie......thanks for making it such a special day! Love your photos.....btw ....i'm glad i didn't fall off the stool when i stood up to take the pic of you Gemma and Susie!


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