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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Powerful"

In this post I’ve tried to pepper a touch of humor with just one perspective of power as I see it! However feeling powerful is a huge subject that carries many perceptions. This is just a pebble in the scheme of it all! I have felt powerful when I had money, only because it bought me freedom to choose any path and to be as generous, as I love to be!

I’ve felt powerful when I’m creating, when I have peace of mind, and when I was defending the rights of a child. Although I know I can be a powerful woman if need be, only if I feel threatened is it ever an issue. However, being powerless is devastating!
Dancing with Power
Power and money
saunter together
holding hands
Lovers huddle
and preservation
Compelled to
Maintain rank
Bound to reproduce
in a cage of secrecy
rigidly captive
to their
eternal pledge
Dissuading adversaries
And termination


Lucy said...

Money is powerful baby! This made me think of one of my favorite lines in Scarface... ( say it in your best Al Pacino doing Cuban voice....)

KaiBlueCreations said...

Money is a freedom, but at the same time having nothing gives you freedom.
I fancy finding out.. Ive had nothing, so the money thing is good..lol

Peace, Kai xxx

tumblewords said...

Nice post! Power is such an ephemeral thing, isn't it? Here today, gone...

forgetfulone said...

One very powerful piece of writing! I thoroughly enjoyed your poem. Very well-written.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Great perspective & take on the prompt. Yes, money can bring power ... it's how we choose to exercise that power. Great illustration, as ever. Peace! JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Great art and as usual powerful words! I agree that NOT having money and the freedom that goes with it can be devasting. My past experiences...I had surgery...and almost did not walk, I was in a wheelchair for awhile there.When I was in the rehabilitation center, I saw all these sad faces. I tried to cheer them up by singing songs that I had learned from musicals. It worked because those people they were in very bad situations. Some without legs, some in wheelchairs for this or that reason. All they needed was someone to help them to think of something else! I think that money is a freedom, a freedom of which some will never have. I have learned though...that it is not good for me to dwell on the things that I do not have. I try to think of and be thankful for the things that I do have. *HUGS*

Cre8Tiva said...

a powerful image and post...more power to you...blessings, rebecca

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