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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Altered Purse

Front of the purse painted silver.
I don't think the photo does it justice, in fact it looks like there are strokes and wrinkles where there aren't any.
This is the finished altered black paten leather purse I did for the Purse-onality art show! I printed out one of my original digital illustrations, glued it on the purse then painted over it with acrylics. I softened the face to make it look more vulnerable by adding silver to the eyes. Then sealed it with modge podge. I may do a varnish tonight too!

This it the final stage back of the purse which I struggled with. I still prefer the front and yet the back really does represent who I am!
I started to stamp gold flowers on it in hope that I could improve it, still it was a disaster, so I continued on.
This was the original finished version, but it just didn't bode well with me, it seemed too plain.
The beginning stages, where the face looks hard and angry. My goal was to cover up the lettering and soften up the face.
I wrote a required blurb to accompany the purse!

I’m a passionate Woman in a magnificent romance with art! For years as a type “A” personality I rode the treadmill of life on high speed. Then I crashed! An illness, death, divorce, loads of grief, brought me to a pivotal change of lifestyle. Now, much slower, wiser and way more pensive, I fill my life with words, and newly discovered artistic talents driven by love and the spirit within! In retrospect I know there to be peace after pain! You just have to believe and face it!

The following poem, written and posted last year, was inspired by my digital illustration "Face it"

Just Face It

Just face it, you’re getting old

Embrace it, you’re wiser too

Just face it, time to shed the load

Embrace it, the young spirit in you

Just face it, you’re wearier now

Embrace it, there’s an artist inside

Just face it; you shan’t meet all desires

Embrace it; the new inspiration tide

Just face it, your bond is altered

Embrace it; memories inhabit your heart

Just face it, grief’s finally waned

Embrace it; feelings replaced by art

Just face it, you’re not the same

Embrace it, your generosity is past

Just face it; innovation’s required

Embrace it, creativity will last

Just face it; you may not have partner

Embrace it, peaceful time on your own

Just face it, the sacrifices have merit

Embrace it, prosperity of love known

Written by Happytiler


Janet said...

The purse is fantastic! You are so talented and your happy spirit comes through in your work. The poem is so true. We all change and go through wanting what we had before but many times when we stop to actually think about it, the changes are for the best.

Lucy said...

If I could FACE you I would EMBRACE YOU! You make getting older seem like something I now look forward to! thanks happy :)
Your purses are amazing. The face Does look happier in the first photo.
( I finished the meme xo)

altermyworld said...

hey ms Giggs,
so tell me i have been wanting to alter purses for a long long time, do you use just cheap paints and does the mod pod leave it sticky. do you mix the paint with any medium to make it stick to the purse do you have to roughen the purse up????
Please please do tell

Shelley Hrdlitschka said...

Sherrie ~ you are one talented lady! I am so enjoying your art, your writing, your poetry. Keep it up (and do try the yoga! :) )


Cre8Tiva said...

face it...embrace it...sounds like a cheer for over fifty's...love the purses and the modge podge usage...blessings, rebecca

Gemma said...

Your purse is fantastic!!!! Love that you used your digital art...plus it looks big enough to carry a bunch of stuff. As always your poetry is incredible.

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