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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday Thanksgiving Dinner

Cousins seven years apart!
My brothers children

My brother's had those slippers at his house for almost twenty years now. One Christmas in the early nineties I bought everyone a pair. Pepper was the only child born at the time. The slippers came with batteries and quacked when we walked. I don't think everyone saw the humor in them as much as I did! Mine are hidden away in a box somewhere! At least they made for a cute picture of this adorable munchkin!

My Brothers little guest is a twin. Her dads is a fireman who just bought a silk screen business. He is very surprised at how well it's taken off just catering to the Indy scene. I'm excited to introduce some of my artist friends to his side business!
These darling twins wearing a pair of vibrant colored pajamas fit right into my blog. They were very sweet to watch!

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