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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Art imitates life!

Pepper finds this picture really creepy!

I wanted to do some art for Illustration Friday prompt "Open". Unfortunately my idea didn't materialize, so I guess I will ponder it a little longer. Instead this couple appeared! Di-versity and Ad-versity! When I looked at them I thought to myself what's this all about?

Have you ever known a person to changed so much you barely recognize them? Maybe that's why the young woman is green. It seems like she has two mitts on her shirt, they seem to be pointing at the male. Funny how art can imitate life without being cognitive of it during the process.

I've noticed that healthy relationships tend to enhance the best in us. Toxic relationships tend to sabotage us while covertly robbing us of our worth.

Sometimes I find it hard to stand by and watch a young couple flaunting their affection knowing that the roots have been set for a disastrous future. If only you could warn them! I wonder if that's why you see so many wise old ladies just observing youth without contributing. They seem to know their words would be futile!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving and I am fortunate to be celebrating two days this weekend. So for all you Canadians, happy Thanksgiving, for the rest of you, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love when our daughters find I art creepy. I like lots creepy or not.

Lucy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Toots! Your art isn't creepy at all to me.( HE may be gay and she doesn't know it, I mean check out his lipstick Sher!)
I know what you mean about those nauseating couples who OVERLY display their affection in public, Makes it seem insincere, doesn't it? Do you have turkey on Canadian Thanksgiving?? If so... save me a leg xox

Gemma said...

I agree...advice is futile.
It is hard to watch daughters that go after bad boys, without jumping up and down and chasing them down the street.Luckily Pepper has Ryan.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I had to stop by and drop off some love and hugs here. I'm so BEHIND on commenting and blogs and want to make sure you know you're never far from my thoughts.
Love and hugs,

KaiBlueCreations said...

LOL, when I first saw these two, I thought..Oh, they look just like my neighbours Kathy and Ken.
Kathy has the Blue*grandma* hair thing going on and Ken likes to tan varing shades of tanning cream -Orange..
it made me smile..in a creepy way.. lol
PEace, Kai xxxx

Mimi Lenox said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! Great post as always. You have such a beautiful blog.

paris parfait said...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! A very provocative piece of art and I think you're right about trying to give advice when it isn't sought. At certain stages, people won't listen to anything well-meaning people have to say. The important thing is to be there for them when it all goes wrong. xo

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