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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Busy Body

Happy Thanksgiving
to my American Friends....we enjoyed ours last month!

My fridge has been on the fritz for longer than I can remember. It has a mind of it's own too. Three years ago it started leaking. Last year the freezer stopped freezing and the fridge warmed up a few degree's. Food just didn't keep as long. I shuffled what I could to the top freezer compartment to keep it colder. Left the condiments and fruit below. In November of last year we had a thirty two hour power outage. After that the fridge was back to normal and froze the food I had shuffled to the top.

Three weeks later the freezer was out of commission again. So I played musical compartments and switched the fridge food to the freezer again where I have stored all my perishables for the last year. Thankfully I do have a small freezer in my garage. A new fridge just wasn't in my budget. Every time we thought we'd get one something more financially pressing appeared.

For the last six month the fridge has been making crazy sounds. In fact one night last week I was so frustrated I got out of bed to boil water and throw it down the front vents just so I could sleep. Some days it's sound like I have a helicopter in my house or a Semi. Just imagine, I used to be a woman with all kitchen aide appliances.

Bryan has resorted to talking to our fridge. The other morning he was heard to say " aren't you being a good fridge this morning." It was only half as loud as normal so we could actually hear ourselves speak. Some days I feel like it's going to take off, walk across the kitchen. open the door and leave. Other days I wished it would!

Yesterday Pepper went to liquidation world and picked out a nice stainless steel fridge. Tomorrow is happy fridge day. It may not be a fancy fridges with ice makers that Pepper remembers as a child. But it's new, it was a great price and we'll have ice this year at Christmas, made the old fashioned way!

We also get thirty dollars with the fridge buy back plan at Hydro! I thought I would have to pay to get it taken away! Merry Christmas to me!!!


Mary Timme said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a lovely day!

shelley said...

Happy Fridge Day Sherrie!

Brian said...

Now Happy Fridge Day sounds like a grand day indeed.

Gemma said...

Awesome....that old fridge is finally going to take off and fly. Great they will recycle it!
Enjoy your new one...wishing it full of goodies for you!
sending love

Lucy said...

hoooray for a New fridge! Wish you lived closer, I have a miracle-repairman who is keeping my old clunkers running. Hope you get many years out of this one. :)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Now there's something to be thankful for!! Yeah, Pepper! xx, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday's! A fridge that keeps you up. I'm glad that your going to be having a new one!

Lisa said...

Yah for new appliances! You cracked me up talking about it walking away.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Sherri,
It's so nice to have a warm cuppa tea and sit down and read your blog.. I love the candid pictures of you and Pepper. They remind me of Kelisa and I.
You're such a super mum.. lol. :)

I like the feeling in the air after I've sat here Sherri. You have a wonderful vibe on your blog..
PEACE and love, Kai xx

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