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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Writers Island " The Letter"

In the early nineties I wrote the following letter to our City newspaper. It was my response to Ian Haysom’s positive article endorsing the import of eccentrics from Britain. I was pleased that he actually responded via snail mail. Advising I opt out of nose piercing. Unfortunately I can’t find the original article or his reply. I just remember it was very humorous.

Dear Ian

I’ve canceled my lobotomy, and framed your article to my fridge, (Our country’s deliverance – more eccentrics Feb18) Thanks to you I no longer feel like one of life’s misfits, and I’m dearly considering moving to Britain where I can become a national treasure.

As an eccentric my father called me an extrovert, where my mother preferred odd ball. Yes, I’m creative flamboyant and parade around with big hair. Friends tell me I’m never boring, while relatives find me a bitter pill to swallow. That’s okay though because I’ve been adopted by a whole gamut of interesting people, some whom are of conservative flavor.

Your article was a great affirmation to the worth of uniqueness. I’m sending all my friend’s copies and entering one into my daughters scrap book, just in case eccentricity is inherent.

Nose piercing here I come! Thanks to you I may go though with having my nose pierced on my fortieth birthday, only if it doesn’t hurt!

I went ahead, had my nose pierced right on the day of my fortieth, and haven't looked back. Another eccentric feat was to marry myself along with my friend Violette and her two childhood friends. I basically made a commitment to honor the spirit within, nourish and love it, no matter what, with or without a partner. Even though life can be roller coaster ride of unknowns, I have been ecstatically happy ever since. Scroll to the bottom of the page of this link for more crazy pictures of the wedding, one of which ended up in a local paper.Check out Malcolm in the middle! Not only are we eccentrics at play, please remember "girls just wanna have fun!"

To my dear blog friends, so sorry I haven't posted lately I have an out of town guest whose company I am sorely enjoying! I have the joy of Christmas spirit too!


keith hillman said...

Delightful!You made someone in England giggle Giggle!

tumblewords said...

Dang, I love this! Wondering if I'm too old to pierce something or tat an arm.

Anonymous said...

Great letter, Sherrie!
(So, is eccentricity inherent?)

Lucy said...

i read your zany tale the other day but didn't have time to comment. You are a hoot! Those pictures were too funny! Glad you are enjoying a house guest and are in the Christmas spirit! xox

AnnieElf said...

Too funny. Loved this. I just turned 60 and was discussing getting a tat with some girlfriends. But then I made the mistake of mentioning it to my DH and son. They just about had heart failure. Dear daughter, the owner of THREE!!!! tats, thought it was a cool idea. I'm still considering the possibility. Shhhhhh. LOL

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi fellow online Scrabble lover!,
Your blog is bursting with energy, color, enthusiasm, and humor. I have you in my feeds but I haven't been able to be back here in months. I see fellow bloggers I "know" in your side bar.

I read several other posts. I'm definitely making regular rounds here now. (That may translate to once/month because I cannot blog while I paint or make jewelry), but I'm compelled. to return.

Your illustrations are eye-catching! Do you illustrate your writings? Sometimes I do, but recently I deleted all of my poetry from my blog. (A woman has the right to change her mind or she doesn't have one. Not my quote.)
Take care!
Green-Eyed Lady (gel)

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