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Friday, November 16, 2007

Awaiting her Return!

Mother and Daughter Thirty year age difference

So last night, way too late I posted a whole montage of black and white crazy pictures. This morning I had posters remorse. I replaced them with these. I called Pepper in a tizzy wanting to redo the post. She agreed that we didn't need to air our dirty linen. Some of the pictures did look pretty childish and ugly. At least these ones depict only a little silliness, instead of full on crazy!

These pictures are posted to comfort Pepper, make her smile while she is alone so far from home!


They were taken the day before she left for her trip. We took a few moments out of an extremely busy day to jump in a photo booth. But after paying three dollars for three pictures ( one didn't even develop) I decided to take some myself using my own camera.
Very often my daughter has been mistaken for Avril Lavigne...too many times to mention. She's about the same size, with similar features and hair. Quite a few times while she's been away she has heard young girls whispering, insisting to their friends that she's Avril! Arguing excitedly, believing that's who she is!

Pepper met the Drummer from
Trooper since she's been away. Most of the band members live in the lower mainland of B.C. too! She had to restrain herself from singing the song" We're here for a good time, not a long time". But it played in her head the whole time he spoke to her!
She sat on the plane beside a CBC Photographer. Also in town for business. He said one of the worse assignments he's had so far was those California fires. Woman were begging him to take them through to see if there homes were still standing! He found that heartbreaking.

Pepper talks to everyone and really enjoys meeting new people, she loves the quaint city but misses her family! We miss her so much too! It's been ten days! We're counting down......three more to go! I think this is the longest time we've been apart since she was born!
Love you baby! Hugs and kisses Mom!


Lucy said...

awww I love these pictures. I love the one of you nussled into her face. awww I can imagine how much you miss your baby. Hope she gets home safely Sherrie. Those Ca. fires are awful. xoxo

tinker said...

What fun photos, Sherrie - you two seem to truly have a wonderful mother/daughter relationship.
Hope she has a safe and wonderful trip, and that you find lots of fun things to comfort you, while you're waiting for her to come home. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. It was very thoughtful of you to post this. :) I hope that they comfort her while she is away. I hope that you have ways of being comforted while you are home. :) *HUGS*

Lucy said...

Hey!! It's amazing how much Happier these pics look in color ! Great second thought sexy sadie!

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