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Monday, November 19, 2007

Home from Regina safe and bushed

Pepper has returned from the prairies where the cold can nip your face so hard it aches to the bone. Where a green hoodie during football playoffs can make you feel right at home!
Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan where the sunrise mirrors the rows of wheat in the fields.
A place where the wind knocks at your window,

Parade during Remembrance Day

and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are trained to protect us.
A city where a random metal Elephant sculpture stands across from the library,
and a beautiful mural sits unscathed at the bus stop.
Home of The First Nations University of Canada!
Where the weather changes on a whim, from a sunny crisp day with a dusting of snow,
to a wonderland of frosting covering trees and pathways. Where a shirt could be seen to blow in circles on the road.
A place where a peculiar sculpture of bells is planted in a park,
and a picture metaphors the slow lifestyle.
A quaint city where several historic sites marry a mall Christmas tree and a present day perspective!
Sprinkling Christmas spirit to the odd farmers who may only leave their home for dire necessity.
Regina, a homey little place where a Armchair tomato sculpture done by Victor Cicansky sits in the airport to commemorate the 2005 milestone of the 100 year old Province.


Lucy said...

So happy Pepper is home safely. Regina looks interesting! I want to tell you... I think Pepper looks incredibly beautiful in this photo! The Regina winds agree with her! That's a blow up for your family room wall Mamma. xox

tinker said...

Glad Pepper made it home safe and sound. What fun sculptures they have there! Thanks for sharing the photos.~xo

Isaac Cicansky said...

Victor is my Cousin!

~Isaac Cicansky~

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