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Monday, November 19, 2007

Writers Island Dream

Taken on Main Street in Vancouver on a rainy Thursday night. Just minutes away
scattered on the side streets the homeless carry their dead dreams anesthetized by drugs and alcohol.

This weeks prompt for writers Island " The Dream"

Resilient Dream

A Dead dream haunts the soul

Dormant amongst decay

Pining for detection

Until a beckoning

Of inspiration tweaks

Scratching faintly

At our essence

Scarcely familiar

Dismissed fettered dream

Knocks frantically

Demanding resurrection

Reconstruction, regeneration

Tenaciously refusing rejection

Holding ransom health

Emotional conciliation

And the quest for happiness

Declining pacification with

Victuals, copulation or intoxicants

Dark nights, lone moments

Harvest continued reminders

Badgering us

To renew "The dream"

Ask yourself what dream you're suppressing in dire need of being expressed!

Can you revamp it? Is it nagging you, but not yet realized? Or are you romancing that dream and following your bliss?


paisley said...

having been a drug addict for years,,, i identify very well with the calling of that dream.. you did a wonderful job of portraying it,, without malice....

Lea said...

To listen for those faint scratches... so that lone blade of green grass can rise from the dark...

tumblewords said...

Dreams die so easily. Well expressed thoughts and nifty slide show running on the sidebar - dreams live!

Lucy said...

so insightful and poignant Sherrie, You've written this as if you've been inside their abandoned souls. great post.

Mary Timme said...

Boy, you said it and then I had to look at myself. Quite an accomplishment for a short and pithy work. Well done.

UL said...

How deep and thought provoking, really liked it,,, I am still contemplating on your words, just beautiful. Thank you.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Great poem, Sherrie. I love the message of renewal and nurturing the small seed of neglected dream ... brilliant, xx, deb

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