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Monday, November 05, 2007

Illustration Friday " Hats"

This is my contribution for Illustration Fridays prompt " Hats" I have been a hat freak as far back as I can remember. I had tams, a sombrero with blue tassels, black hats, straw hats, jesters hats, hats with bows, Santa hats, you name it I have tried it out. Except for baseball caps, they're not for me, and have never worn one!

I think I passed my hat fetish onto my daughter who has been wearing unique ones as far as I can remember too. She's had every color fuzzy hat, a top hat, a fedora, a western hat, toques, and special occasion hats. The latest was a pill box hat we made for a summer wedding. What a hit that was! I don't wear hats as often now but I am such an admirer. Maybe I should have been a hat maker.

Yesterday would have been my dads eighty eighth birthday. I was so fortunate to have such a kind and loving father. A man who truly knew who I was. My dad was a very demonstrative huggy bear, but I don't think he ever got the accolades he truly deserved for being such a patient man.

Hug your dad today and tell him how much you appreciate all he's done. In comparison to many dads I had one of the best.There are way too many absent fathers today. It's never too late to become involved with your children. It wasn't until my mom was married for quite sometime that she recouped a relationship with her dad. In the end it was a very fulfilling relationship that had been so misunderstood.Thankfully she took the chance to get to know him despite his past transgressions.


Twisselman said...

A wonderful color palette, and this woman has eyes one could disappear into. Beautiful.
My dad would have been 97 in two and a half weeks. He died at the age of 66. Also a heavy smoker, he was tethered to an oxygen machine the last year of his life. The tube reached from the bedroom, down the hall, and to the kitchen table, from which he could watch the TV.
A farmer and rancher, he went through a lot of hats in his lifetime.

paris parfait said...

Hooray for the hats! Your art is terrific and I, too adore wearing hats!

As for fathers, yes you were lucky with yours! Sadly, too many children aren't, as we know all too well. xoxox

Gemma said...

Sometimes for fun I take a day to go window shopping and try on hats. It's the most fun and doesn't cost anything.

studio lolo said...

This is one of my favorites of yours! I think each and every hat would look good on her with those big blue eyes ;)
Sweet tribute to dads. I've forgiven mine and I do miss him.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

I like your illustration a lot. And your words were powerful too!

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