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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Scribblings "Right and Left"

Sunday Scribblings " Left and Right"

Now I know why I can be so whacked out at times! According to Similar minds dot com,I’m fifty two percent Right brained, thirty four percent left brain….and well who knows where the rest went…seems to be fourteen percent a float.. That must be the eccentric part. The crazy side of my brain, the in-between side that agreed to let my daughter dye her hair with green Kool-Aid for Saint Patrick’s Day when she was eight. It’s must be that brain void that put me behind the wheel sanely heading in one direction only to have me make a complete one eighty towards a totally unexpected destination.

I know my right brain is the part that despises too much structure; in fact an itinerary of any sort makes me cringe. Time is an adversary for me, never enough, with days being way too short. If I could structure things my way, we’d sleep and eat when we felt the urge and days would be at least 72 hours long. I guess that’s why I never wore a watch much. Drum roll please. Yeah and that’s why I’m always late too! I can’t seem to judge time well! I always think I have more of it than I do. Miscalculation of integers is my nightmare!

Thankfully some of the left brain invasion has made me a fairly good parent. I promised myself I would assure punctuality for any functions pertaining to my daughter. I did keep my word; clearly she tends to be early most of the time. I’m quite practical despite the side of me that’s a bit of a nutcase. I am the type of person who could think up a South Park episode just by living through a plugged toilet. I’ll admit there are times when I’m crassly bazaar in my thinking. But I always come back to the safety of my left brain logic.

Sometimes my goofy blunt vulgarity is exchanged for a deep, insightful wisdom. Other days I feel like a hot air balloon ready for take off, needing to expunge some of that assorted silly grossness just to get off the ground. Anyway I am off to attempt a poem around this craziness.


Janet said...

This was a fun test. I came out 36% right 48% left and I think that's me! A little of each and not enough of one or the other to make a huge difference. I'm forever swinging back and forth in my thinking! And I'm more like your daughter in that I'm usually early for any appointment! But hey, if we were all the same think how boring life would be!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am like that too having one day that is good and another that is bad. I think everyone is like that. Anyhoo, wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

Amber said...

I took that test, and came out almost 80% left brain. Yep. I'm a Virgo! lol


Lucy said...

Love your nutty self pic! May I borrow that blouse?

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