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Monday, December 03, 2007

Illustration Friday " Excess"

The prompt for Illustration Friday is Excess.
I tend to be excessive in many areas of my life especially using color. What I love most about creativity, is the lovely element of surprise. And sometimes even shock when a piece takes on a mind of it's own, just like this one did!
You Are 96% Creative

You are an incredibly creative person. For you, there are no bounds or limits to your creativity.
Your next creation could be something very great... Or at least very cool!

Lucy tagged me last week. The rules are to come up with an adjective that describes yourself for every letter in the alphabet. But all adjective must be positive, no self effacing.

Artistic in everything I do, from decorating to applying makeup.
Bold, I'm courageous, and have strong opinions too.
Colorful in personality and style.
Dynamic my sister-in-law used this to describe me in one word.
Efficient I was more efficient in my younger years, now I do what I can.
Frugal I tend to be quite thrifty. I cherry pick for deals
Grateful, my heart is always so full of gratitude although I may not express it.
Humorous I am a big goof and love to laugh
Interested I am interested in such a diverse array of subjects, many serious issues.
Joyful I actually feel joy, I know some people don't, that's sad
Kind, my intention is to be kind, for the most part I try to be. At times there have been assumptions made to the contrary.
Loving, I feel love for many people, I'm truly interested in their happiness
Musical, I can play the piano though I rarely do now. I took classical piano for years
Negotiable I am willing to negotiate any situation.
Obliging I am pretty easy going and like to go with the flow, I feel happier that way!
Passionate about many issues, children, abuse, animals, life, food, color, music, scrabble!
Questioning, I continuously question everything. Mostly because I'm curious, but also because I have trust issues.
Respectful of laws, people, diversity, and life in general
Silly I love to be silly. I am the one wearing blinking Christmas lights at the party.
Talkative I can and will converse about almost anything because of my insatiable interest to learn.
Unique I revel in my individuality
Vivacious another word others have used to describe me, although I no longer feel this way.
Whimsical, Katie' s one word to described me. I do love whimsy and fun.
X xx I am large as life and proud too!
Youthful, I love youth, the music, the styles, the beauty, the philosophies
Zesty is much more applicable in my youth. But it's still there in the recesses of my soul!
I tag who ever has the urge to do it! Please notify me when you do!


Rrramone said...

You can never have too much color!! :-)

violette said...

This is a fun drawing Sherrie!

I loved ready about how creative you are! So accurate!

Love, Violette

Janet said...

Love the picture! I wish we could all wear crazy make-up like that and no one would think it odd!

The alphabet meme is fun....I might do it if I can think of enough words!!

shaky mouse said...

fun and eyecatching illustration.. just the thing to warm you up on a cold winters day :)

Lucy said...

Dynamic Answers Miss Sherrie!! Love your adjectives they are very YOU. You goofy loving whimsical Unique mamma! Love your ball kissing woman! CREATIVE! xox

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