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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kissing Angel

Still Celebrating my 500th post! Remember to leave a comment to be eligible for my free giveaway next Friday Dec 14th.

This is my Kissing Angel. Last night she went home with my friend Chris. But I will adorn another bag with one of my inspired angels and add a few other goodies for the draw. The Angels have minds of there own so I can never be sure how they'll turn out.

This is the note that accompanied my Kissing Angel.

I’m entrusting this kissing angel in your care!
May you let her kiss your soul with creativity!
Take her with you when you can
She loves to help carry groceries, lunches
And anything else you may need her to.
She will stagnate and be sad if
She doesn’t inspire you to create
So love her as I do, and remember
She is the part of your self
That you have not yet discovered

Last night we had our Goddess Christmas get together. We each brought a gift under ten dollars and then drew names. I brought the Kissing Angel. It's always great fun to trade a gift, but getting together is the best part. Tomorrows blog I'll share with you how Laura was presented with a grocery store version of the twelve days of Christmas all in one day.
We went to our favorite Chili Pepper house restaurant. Laura brought along these yummy cookies for desert. She was decorating these with her adult children when her sons two friends popped by. The boys, or should I say men joined in. Each person had a different colored icing bag and a time limit to decorate their cookie.When the time was up they had to pass on the icing bag! It turned into a giggle fest of fun as she played musical icing bags with a bunch of twenty year olds. I guess it's not just girls who want to have fun!
It was so funny and almost eerie, we all wore black last night. There was a splash of color here and there. But the main ensembles were black and no one even brought a broom.. Some years this group is so connected.


Judy in Idaho said...

I have been lurking around your site for some time. I LOVE your art and your positive attitude. Love reading your blog because of those things and all the colour. Always makes me smile

queen-size funny bone said...

Friends are a present you give yourself.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful angel. Your art is always beautiful. Love Hugs and Blessings

Tinker said...

That gift is just heavenly :) Such a cute angel. Congratulations again on your 500th posts, please toss my name in your hat or bag. I love the colorful cookies the men made - what a fun idea to pass the icing. Glad you had such a fun gathering with your gal pals, too - it shows how connected and in tune you all must be, synchronistically color-coordinating your lovely outfits like that!~xOx

altermyworld said...

I love hearing about your friends and your get togethers, its just nice and beautiful.
PS Godiva choco was bought at "The Bay."
PSS I love your little angel.

Lucy said...

Hi Sher, blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment yesterday, hope he is in a better mood today.
Your connection with your friends is so fantastic!
Black wasn't a coincidence it was as you say that 'connection'. I LOVE your angel bag Sherrie! You need to seriously consider selling those to stores. Grocery stores are selling those bleak canvas bags. How cheery if we were all sporting angels??

Tammy said...

Sweetie, I've missed your vibrance, not to mention great taste. :) I feel like I've come home!

Congrats on 500 posts...cool!

I collect angels so count me in!


Thank you friend

Lisa said...

Congrats on 500 posts! Wow! Aren't we the lucky ones to read them?

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