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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Baking and my 500th post!

I'm Celebrating my five hundredth!
It snuck up on me! I had big plans...but it came way too fast. I am having a draw, so if you leave a comment on todays post, next Friday the 14th I will do the draw. Stop by tomorrow for a hint of what my giveaway will be!

Shortbreads and Rolo Cookies Pepper and Bryan made on Sunday!

Christmas Baking
. Time to start that Christmas baking, my delectable Rolo cookie recipe is here! If you like shortbreads starting now would give them ample time to shorten up before Christmas. My grandmothers recipe is to follow. The big secret to making tender light shortbread is to knead them for at least twenty minutes. Make sure to use real butter and Light brown sugar….no substitutes!
Sherries Shortbreads
Heat oven 275 degrees
Bake ¾ of an hour or 45 minutes 275 degrees
1 pound of BUTTER
Cream butter and sugar together
Gradually add flour to the sugar mixture, then knead for 20 minutes
Form into fingers and prick with a fork, or use a cookie press
Ready when golden brown

Christmas Baking
Shortbread is such a lovely reminder of my childhood Christmas. December 18th,
mothers birthday Dad would decorate the Christmas tree while mom and I baked grandmas shortbreads. Dad always had Nat king Cole carols permeating the house. I realize now those family scenarios were the best birthday present mom could receive. A child of divorce with an alcoholic single mother her security was always compromised. Her childhood Christmases were sparse. One year she had nothing but an orange to split with her sister. My grandpa lived a train ride away. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she forgave him for being fiscally absent during her childhood when they had absolutely nothing.
Sunday my brother and I reminisced. He was planning an evening to requisition those traditions of yesteryear to share with his children. He bought cookie dough to recreate the aroma of moms baking while they decorate the tree as a family. Nat's Carols will play in the background as the custom is carried on. We've both held those traditions very dear now that our parents have passed. Consequently Pepper was baking those very same cookies he so fondly remembers while we were speaking on the phone.
We discussed the importance of tradition. All we have are those magical childhood memories, of Dad whistling while he put up the outside lights, or sang along to the Carols while he dressed the tree. Mom's baking. Funny how childhood disappointments fade, leaving us with only good memories.
Even though he is forty six years old Darcy still lives for those traditions when he can reconnect with his tender childhood feelings where he knew he had a mom and dad who loved him!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Those look sooooooo good.
Send some over, if you need a taste tester I'm avalable..

queen-size funny bone said...

Nothing like family time at Christmas. The cookies look so delicious.

Janet said...

I read this with tears in my eyes. Too often people forget all those little things that really make a tradition. I'm glad you have those memories and that you've kept your traditions going.

I've never made shortbread but I will try the rolo cookies.

MissKoolAid said...

What a beautiful tradition. Those cookies look delicious.

Congratulations on the 500th post!


Lucy said...

Those cookies look SO delicious! Can I borrow Pepper and Bryan for the month? I will give them free haircuts for their cookies!! It's beautiful that your parents traditions live on through you and Darcy. I once read somewhere that to know a persons TRUE personality.. watch them put up Christmas lights. That your dad whistled away shows what a gem he was. I can feel and smell the warmth of your home in that picture. Wish I could pop on over for some Sherries shortbreads! oxox
OH Happy 5ooth post. Here's to a zillion more.

altermyworld said...

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want to win please please please. Ok an update i made you a girl and i do not like her honestly she has sat around here for a month. something about her and i realized she has NO eyelids BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
so lets hold off till after christmas eh?
Also i love tradition, My family is coming here for christmas this year and i am so excited. One reason is i will make my "Grandmas Butter Horns" and the look on my dads face will be worth the entire christmas holiday as this is a dessert his mother made for him as a child.
There was a time i could not be with my family at holidays due to immigration. All the money in the world and all i wanted was my familys hugs.
heart hugs

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Congrats of your 500th Post, Sherrie -- when I think of all your words and art that fill up these lovely pages, I'm so filled with gratitude for being able to share in your talent.

Wonderful words of tradition and memory ... I can almost smell Pepper's cookies baking away! xx, JP/deb

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Congrats of your 500th Post, Sherrie -- when I think of all your words and art that fill up these lovely pages, I'm so filled with gratitude for being able to share in your talent.

Wonderful words of tradition and memory ... I can almost smell Pepper's cookies baking away! xx, JP/deb

queen-size funny bone said...

500 and going strong...Congrats..
those cookies are looking better every day.

Mary Timme said...

It was such an honor for me when our son requested I give his new wife all the cookie receipes we made as he was growing up. Every Christmas, tons of cookies it seemed and to have passed some of that on is of value to me. His wife, BTW is just like a daughter only better, to me. She is who I would have picked for him.

Gemma said...

WOW! 500 posts!!! Fantastic...I've enjoyed everyone I've read!!! Wish I could taste this post!Yummy!

Tinker said...

Sherrie - congratulations on 500 posts - wow, that's a lot!
Thank you for sharing your family recipe, the cookies look and sound delicious. This is such a sweet, poignant post, one more link in preserving those precious memories. Many, many ((hugs)) and much love~xOxOxOx

KaiBlueCreations said...

thankyou for posting the recipie, Im off to bake COOKIESSSSS!!!

PEace xxKai

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